This year's event, the eleventh, will take place from October 9 to 13, 2018. As always, Amherst is taken over with displays, classes, vendors and more setting up at venues throughout the town!

EAC's Joyce Gill and Faith Cormier will be teaching classes at this popular event. Sheila Stewart will be at the EAC table to tell people our story and encourage them to try embroidery and the EAC!

Fall is fantastic in Nova Scotia! Get all of the details on the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival website!
by Leslie Burrows

On September 8th, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., we will hold our Fifth Annual Maritime Stitch-in at the Fire Hall in Truro. We hope that you will fill a car or two (or even a bus) and come join us!

I am sending out a challenge to one and all in celebration of our fifth year. It is a needle book with four panels. Each panel should be 3 inches square and represent the four seasons. I have attached a template to get you started. The rest is up to you!!

I look forward to seeing many of your creative results.

As usual, bring your lunch and Marigold Guild of Needle Arts will supply dessert, tea and coffee.

We will also have our Show and Tell table to display your completed pieces from the past year.

Looking forward to seeing one and all in September.

Many thanks to Pat Armour for the challenge template which she used at the Toronto Stitchery Guild.

Don't forget to sign up for this wonderful course - registration ends on June 30th! You won't need to stitch on your project over the summer months. The course starts on September 1, 2018, to allow time for the kits to be shipped to those who choose that option.

Brazilian embroidery and soutache are the techniques used to to create this beautiful bracelet and pendant. Students have the option to purchase a kit as well, and it is available in various colours. The class is taught by Nicole GĂ©linas. Online discussions are in both English and French.

Visit the Nicole Eleganza page on the EAC website to view more details and to register.
Shockwave will not be available as and EAC project course after September 30, 2018.

Shockwave is a beginner canvas work piece designed to showcase interesting techniques such as bargello, a layered board, crescent petal flower clusters, and a variety of canvas work stitches. Each corner is different so a lot of stitches are covered.

central diamond shaped medallion surrounded by radiating waves of colour
EAC Course by Lorene Salt
The stitches for this piece fall into the five main categories of straight, diagonal, cross, tied and looped, and decorative.

You will pick a colour of Caron Watercolours, and then pull colours from this thread to build your colour palette using #5 Perle Cotton. Metallics are used as an accent. Get all of the details for Shockwave on the EAC website.
woman holding a completed embroidery project of a red and purple bird, a red prize ribbon and a box with a pendant in it
Patty Hawkins with her Elinor Thomas Award and winning project.
Patty Hawkins of the Winnipeg Embroiderers' Guild (WEG) was awarded the Eleanor Thomas Award for "Flight from Tuscany," one of her seminar 2017 class projects. Patty was the recipient of a 2017 seminar grant and took Alison Cole's "Flight from Tuscany" and the Jane Nicholas "Slate Japanese Butterfly" classes.

two hands holding a stumpwork project of a red and purple bird with am elaborate tail adorned with gold spangles, surrounded by red, purple and small gold flowers and gold vines
Flight from Tuscany
stitched by Patty Hawkins & designed by Alison Cole
Eleanor Thomas was a founding member of WEG and the EAC. She was a vibrant woman who promoted the guild and needlework, bringing suitcases of books for us to peruse and order to every meeting. She attended every seminar, until her health prevented her from doing this, and WEG honours her memory with an annual award voted on by members.
Find out more at the Embroiderers' Association of Canada website.
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