by Judy Cooper
a repost from her blog Judy Cooper Textile Images

The Kopanang Universe Canticle is a traveling exhibit created by women in the Kopanang Community in South Africa. I was fortunate to see this body of work during the Espanola Fibre Arts Festival last month.

This collection of 35 stunning hand embroidered wall hangings depicts the universe's story of evolution but also reveals and strengthens the spirit of the Kopanang community. The intricately embroidered panels tell the story of the universe as interpreted by 17 Kopanang women as a means to celebrate life and creation.

Here's part of the display.

Many thanks to Judy for allowing us to repost her article. Be sure to check Judy's blog to see more of her photos of this exhibit and to read more about her love of fibres of all sorts.
The Bridging Stitches/Un pont entre les points team is looking forward to seeing you in Charlottetown in July 2018. Hosted by EAC's Virtual Threads (VT) and Lady's Slipper Needle Arts Guild (LSNAG), plans are well underway for Seminar 2018.

Recently the "feet on the ground team," members of LSNAG, have been doing trial runs of the tours that are being offered on the free day, Friday, July 20. Four tours are being offered:
  1. East Point – Ocean, Artisans, and Nature
  2. Belfast – Fibres, Artisans, and Wine
  3. Anne – the Bridge, the Gulf, and Green Gables
  4. Rustico – Looms, Lambs and Lighthouse
Here's a sneak peek video of the tours!

Green Gables | Photo: Joyce Gill

Find out more about the tours and other Seminar 2018 offerings on the seminar website
by Dima Santina
Repost from her blog D1D2

Short Update and Surprise Win

So I did no stitching this weekend on account of being busy with the Lakeshore guild's exhibition. I was there Saturday and Sunday (September 16 &17). Saturday to help out l'Atelier de Pénélope with the setup and customers, and Sunday I was volunteering with the guild as a "guard". The day was very long so by the time I got home I was too tired to do anything.

The guild holds exhibitions every two years. When I initially joined they asked if I wanted to submit something but I decided not to. Instead, I went to see it just to get an idea of what members submit so I would know for next time. I remember my dad saying I should have put in my Peacock Tapestry to the exhibit. Good thing I didn't because I wouldn't have gotten THIRD place in the Best in Show category =D

Here I am accepting my prize from our guild president June Berry.

The voting was open to both members and the public. First and second place went to long time members Paula and Rita. Paula's piece was the huge Elizabeth Almond Save the Stitches blackwork piece and Rita's was one called Insomnia set in a wooden tray, which took the second place for best in show AND first place for best original piece.

As a prize, we each received this beautiful oak ORT box (click on the post to see the video below). The pieces were made by Denise Tremblay a member of the guild. They were purchased by long time member Erma Scrimgeour (who sadly passed away this year) to donate to the guild for the Best in Show prizes.

I've been eyeing the one that Nancy, my Japanese embroidery friend, has and thinking: One day I will get me one of those. It's so much more satisfying to receive it as a prize for all the hard work I put into my peacock :)

I took pictures of my pieces as well as my favorites. I also took a walk-through video of the exhibit, I just need to do the editing before I can share it. So watch out for that soon.


Many thanks to Dima for allowing us to repost her report from the Lakeshore Creative Stitchery Guild's Exhibition. Be sure to check Dima's blog D1D2 to see more about her stitching adventures.

The guild has also posted several photos on their website. Make sure you take a look to see all of the winning entries.

New Project Course

tulips stitched in the blackwork technique in which the density of the stitching pattern gives dimension to the shape of the subject

Spring Tulips: Intermediate Blackwork Project

This course reviews the basic principles of blackwork, to create these elegant Spring Tulips. In addition to the dimensional stitching, you will be working with tulle, fabric markers, fabric paint and embroidery floss on 32 count linen.

EAC has a kit option available for this new project course. Get all of the Spring Tulips details on the EAC website.

scene of a field of lupine flowers and a mountain background
My Secret Garden/Mon jardin secret by Nicole Gélinas

Are you thinking about attending Seminar 2018: Bridging Stitches/Un pont entre les points? Have you daydreamed about stitching the extraordinary class projects being offered? If so, you might also want to think about applying for one of EAC’s Seminar Grants.

There are three $500 grants available, one for the east, one for the west and a grant for a member who has never attended an EAC seminar. The candidate’s place of residence will determine which grant they should apply for.

two embroidered chipmunks sitting on a bed of little purple flowers
Chipmunks by Tanja Berlin

Take some time today to review the Seminar Grant Guidelines and start your application! The grant applications must be delivered to the EAC Vice President, Dianna Thorne, no later than November 1, 2017.
Find out more at the Embroiderers' Association of Canada website.
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