My EC magazine arrived last Friday; hopefully, all of you have received your copy by now. This warm weather is perfect for sitting in the cool or shade reading. I am not sure what I liked best about this magazine. I really enjoyed all of it. I was really pleased to see some letters from readers; keep them coming. Way to go, Armande! I saw this piece when it was still in the design stages when I stayed with Armande for the  Prairie Pacific meeting. I knew you would enjoy it as much as I did.
The article about the Heritage Collection is a real insight into what treasures we have from the past. Reading this article reminded me of my visit to the collection and I am so grateful that we have such a dedicated volunteer as Janice to look after our collection. Think about borrowing a box for an event in your Guild. it would be a great display for an anniversary celebration...
Reading Ulla's experiences as a scholarship winner in Regina was interesting. Are you inspired to apply for the scholarship for Victoria? I hope so. Look at the on-line brochure and I bet you will want to go. The information is all on the web-site and the deadline is October 1 st. 2011.
Take a moment and look at page 14. Would you consider offering to help EAC  by serving on the board? I have to tell you it is an experience I would not have missed. I have met the most amazing stitchers from across Canada and my stitching life and my stash continue to be enriched by this opportunity.
I am just thinking about starting my last postcard for the postcard group. The two years we have stitched as  a group exchanging cards has flown by. This postcard is of part of the Eiffel Tower and I am having difficulty deciding just what I want to do with this image. I think the time is here to start though, I have been thinking and talking about it for two weeks now, so it is time to get something on paper and then on fabric.
As this group draws to an end, Colleen Darling is getting ready to start another postcard group. The group will start sometime in September and there is still room for more members to join. To refresh your memory about the process read the article in EC Winter 2010. Remember, it is an easy deadline: one card every two months. If you are interested in joining, send me your name and I will forward it to Colleen. You can e-mail me at

Have a few spare moments at your computer? Take a look at this site This came from Carolyn Beacroft and is well worth looking at.

Have a great week.


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