It has been a beautiful summer week here in Lakefield. I have managed to take advantage of the weather and spend time outside, gardening and stitching.

I have been very conscientious about working on UFO's, but on Friday evening I just had to have a new project. I am beading now! But I will complete the projects so that I do not add to the UFO list! Whilst I was at Gitta's Retreat I bought two bracelet kits and extra beads  from  Roxann the Beadaddict. I am very impressed with the directions.  I have made both bracelets and they look like the photos on the patterns. I am now playing with different beads to design my own bracelet. Take a look at the web-site

Many Guilds are making plans for our first National Stitch In Public Day on September 27th. This super idea came from the ACRAM meeting last fall. If your guild has not yet started making plans, please consider celebrating this day in some way. I have heard of...Stitching in the Library, Stitching in the Mall, Stitching in Chapters and Stitching in a Coffee shop so far. I am looking forward to seeing the photos and details of the different events held across Canada. Remember if you are working, take your stitching to work and stitch on your coffee break or at lunch time. If you would like posters to advertise this event, contact Lisa at Bookmarks for a free magazine would be a good hand out. E-mail Joyce to get these.

Please tell your friends about this blog and send in any comments you have. The more interaction we have the better.
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Enjoy the heat {if you are lucky enough to have any}


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  1. Hi Sue,

    I'll post a link to the EAC blog on the Regina Stitchery Guild Facebook page.


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