First Cruise – 2009 

Back in mid 2008 my friend Grace Murdoch signed up for a “Take Time to Cruise” event with designer Jeanette Douglas (more about her later).  Grace’s husband Abe was not interested in joining her on this trip and the adventurous soul that Grace is, signed up solo anyhow.  She then thought, “maybe Jennie might want to come”. 

Imagine having a wonderful friend take you under their wing and help you understand the cruising experience since I had NEVER taken a cruise myself.  Remember opportunities may be few and far between so don’t pass up such an offer!  You will be very happy you did, just like I was.

For that 2009 cruise we did the Western Caribbean leaving from Fort Lauderdale.  The dates were January 17 – 24, 2009 on the newest Princess ship “The Ruby”.  Our stops included Ocho Rios (Jamaica), Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands), Cozumel (Mexico), Princess Cays (Bahamas), and Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale (Florida).

We met approximately 50 stitchers from all over North America.  Jeanette Douglas is a VERY popular sampler designer and it was evident from chatting with fellow stitchers who talked about the designs they had already completed from JDD (Jeanette Douglas Designs).

When the ship was sailing, we had classes with Jeanette.   People who know me also know I will often change the design somewhat to make it my own.  I finished my piece and made it into a photo album cover.  I then selected photos taken during the cruise and made the album a memory item to help recall the fun Grace and I had during our adventure.

I love to garden as well and one of our tours on this trip was a shore excursion in Ocho Rios to Annandale Great House and the Coyaba River Gardens.  It was beautiful to see the lust and unique flora of Jamaica as well as some unique needleworked pieces at the Annandale Great House.  In Cozumel, Mexico we went on the Coba Mayan Ruins tour.  We had a great tour guide and I even scaled the 42 metre high Mayan ruin.  Grace was a speck beyond when I made it to the top while Grace sat in the shade under the grove of tall trees.  We chose NOT to take a tour in the Grand Cayman.  While Grace worked on her sampler piece, I explored the vast ship and took some great shots of the latest addition to the Princess line of cruise ships.

click the kink below for the photos.

Photos include:
·      Jeanette and Grace during social evening
·      Jeanette and Jennie during social evening
·      Photo of the Ruby Princess ship
·      Grace and Jennie on shore waiting to board tour bus
·      Coba Mayan Ruin – looking up its 42 metres
·      Coba Mayan Ruin – looking down its 42 metres (Grace is a small speck)
·      Jennie on top of Coba Mayan Ruin
·      Jeanette’s original “Take Time to Cruise” Design
·      Jennie’s version of  “Take Time to Cruise” Design

Stay tuned for further information as I continue to tell you about my stitching cruise adventures.  Jennie Wolter

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  1. I've never been interested in doing a cruise but a stitching cruise sounds great! Thanks for sharing!


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