As I sat to write this blog, I realized that I have not picked up a needle since early June.  I have had company, travelled to a family reunion, engaged in the yearly weed battle in the garden and waded through the EAC renewals, but I have not done any stitching.  I decided that needed to change so I went upstairs to find the last project I was working on, a birth sampler for my great great nephew.   I came back down 3 hours later without the sampler.   Along with the missing sampler is a tablecloth which I have submitted in our Guild UFO challenge.  I am not sure of my exact starting time on the tablecloth, but I believe it was around 25 years ago.  I think the tablecloth just does not want to be finished…it wants to set UFO history and has taken my birth sampler hostage.  Should I ever get close to its hiding place it will throw the sampler out to me as a distraction.   (I am easily distracted)  I kitted up another birth sampler.  I have 5 to do, so figure I will just start on another one and when the first one shows up, I will be ahead of the game. 

I had a great time looking through my craft floor for the missing projects.  As soon as I start up the stairs to what I call “Kathy’s World” a smile comes over my face.  Normally once I hit the last stair I have no idea what I was even going up for in the first place, I just know I am happy to be there.  It is overwhelming and kind of frightening how many projects are hanging around waiting to be tackled.  I enjoyed reprioritizing the projects I want to work on and rediscovering ones I forgot I even had.  I started to look through magazines but feared I would never make it back downstairs if I got to involved so put them back in their holder, in numeric order of course.   I am working on my theory of the wonders of modern medicine.  I figure with all the advances they are making in medicine, they will extend our life expectancy to 200 years and I want to be ready with projects to keep myself busy.  It could happen!
My husband just shakes his head and says he hopes he dies before me so he does not have to deal with my stash.  He has said that if I should happen to go first, he is just going to call my friends from Guild and tell them to go up and take everything they want.  It worries me that if they find that out they may run over me in the parking lot some evening.  Oops, guess the cat is out of the bag on that one. 

It is all the fault of my company that I am unable to find anything upstairs.  With the coming of company, one must clean up.  We had three sets of company.  They all went upstairs once, commented on how organized everything was and came back down.  I believe ‘organized’ is their code word for ‘you have a whole lot of stuff here’.  It is my code word for ‘everything is in a place, but it is not necessarily in the place I am looking for it’. 

I have now spent a couple evenings stitching on the new birth sampler.  Somehow I feel more relaxed, more in tune with the world.  There is something very satisfying about watching the picture progress.  I know I will have to once again search for my wayward projects, but my husband suggests I do it on a rainy day when I can spend the whole day up there.  He understands.  He has his man-cave in the garage which has the same power over him.

Kathy Taylor


  1. I know just how he (husband) feels.

    (Sue's husband)

  2. Except for the 'organized' part of this... I thought I was reading about my 'stuff'...
    if I die first, my husband will Really Know how much stuff I have ... though given the camera equipement.... antique camera collection etc... I know he Will understand. I have left instructions (in a sealed envelope) regarding distribution, so he does not have to make any decisions.. just place a phone call. good luck on that table cloth Kathy!


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