With our “National Stitch Day in Public” fast approaching (September 27th) I would like to reflect on the impact of seeing someone stitching had on me. It was May 1990 and I was going to a fitness class at a local community centre. This centre had an attendant who handed out towels to attendees. While waiting for people to arrive she was stitching with wool on a painted canvas. At the time, I had no idea of exactly what kind of stitching she was doing but I made a mental note to visit a craft shop. While vacationing in Florida, I did find a large craft store with a wall of cross stitch kits and no painted canvases. I purchased a small kit and gave it a try. The kit came complete with a needle, floss, Aida cloth and simple instructions. This was the beginning of my journey into needlework and bliss.
As mentioned by Sue Thomas, EAC will again be exhibiting at the Creativ Festival. The Fall Creativ Festival will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front Street West in the South Building on Friday October 21(10-8), Saturday October 22nd (10-6) and Sunday October 23rd (10-5). If you have never had the opportunity to attend this show now is your chance. Volunteers helping in our booth get free admission to the show and an opportunity to stitch and socialize with people keenly interested in needlework. It’s a wonderful show and if you are interested in volunteering please contact me at communications@eac.ca and let me know the date and time you prefer.
When I was a kid, if you were ever waiting for a haircut, a doctor’s appointment or a bus, women would be happily knitting or stitching to while away the time. Now people are using Blackberries and IPods. We need to show our love of stitching beyond our favourite stitching chair.
I usually keep a stitching project that is simple, fun and easy on the eyes in my carryall bag. I’ve been asked why bother? My logic is that you never know when you could get stuck in an elevator.
I am looking forward to meeting many of you at the Creativ Festival in the fall.
Lisa Carlin Communications Director


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