I'll admit that I wasn't totally thrilled with the idea of Artist Trading Cards (ATC's)when I first heard about them. It would be like seeing my first cooked mussel before I tasted it!!. I wondered what all the fuss was about. But then I tasted!! Oh, never to be the same again.

There's something addictive about making ATC's. It's sometimes a problem to get the first idea but once that comes there's the urge to do two or three more, similar, yet different. I don't concern myself much with the finishing and backing until I have a bunch to tackle at once.

My current technique is to work on a nice-sized piece of background, enough to do 8-12 cards. I might do some strip-piecing; or layer all sorts of semi-transparent fabric pieces with threads and ribbons on a piece of felt, top it with net and machine free-stitch over it. Once that part is done I usually draw on the card outlines, using a piece of matboard with a hole cut to the proper size. That way I can position any interesting variations wherever they look best on a card. Then I usually zigzag over a piece of dark Pearl Cotton around the edge of the cards to frame them up. The cutting-out part usually waits till I'm finished with the embellishing.

The next part is the most creative and I have to be in the right mood and the right chair to embellish the cards. This is where it works well to have lots of stash - threads, charms, ribbon, beads, whatever! I find it also works well to deal with a series of similar cards at once. That way the ideas for one of them contribute to the next one.

Finishing off the cards is very non-creative - ironing on a backing and adding your information to each card. I like to use fusible web as a glue between the back and front.

I've often heard the question- What do you do with them?? Well, I give them away. Sometimes I trade them, as in the EAC Exchange in the Spring, or our local Confederation Centre Library Swap this month (August). But the most fun is to slip one into a card to a friend, or hand one to someone for no special reason. I also love browsing my collection from the Swaps, but I do so love the idea of having these mini works-of-art on hand for just the right moment!

Joyce Gill

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  1. Hi Joyce, enjoyed reading your ATC post. I became hooked on them 2 years ago when I unexpectedly received one from a friend in France. Knowing that a little bit of myself & my creativity is being enjoyed all over the globe is absolutely FUN!!


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