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I had first heard about Jeanette Douglas through a local stitching shop – The Stitcher’s Cottage – owned and operated by Carol and John Schmold back in the mid 1990’s.  Unfortunately this shop is now gone and after raising their family of four children (now adults with their own families), Carol and John have moved to Plenty, SK.  Carol had done a variety of stitching techniques including beautiful samplers, but has now moved into freeform quilting and her fabulous and unique creations can be seen on her website;  If you knew Carol, she can be reached at as I am sure she would love to heard from her many former customers and friends.  Anyhow let me get back to Jeanette Douglas.

As I said I heard about this local designer who did samplers at Carol’s stitching shop.  Those who know me know I am not a sampler person though I do appreciate the stitched pieces others have done.  Jeanette Douglas had been designing beautiful pieces and had started to sell her designs at Carol’s shop.  I always admired the detail of Jeanette’s pieces but had never had the opportunity to meet her until I took my first cruise in 2009.  Here’s how we finally met.

When Grace and I arrived at the Calgary airport to leave for that 2009 cruise, there were other people there at the departure gate waiting for the flight to Fort Lauderdale.  Others from Calgary who had previously met Jeanette Douglas had congregated around her and her husband.  Grace had met her previously so we wandered over as well and I FINALLY introduced myself.

I found Jeanette to be bubbly, down to earth, enthusiastic, generous, willing to share and a very caring individual.  She always remembers you so I think she must have a photographic memory.  Remember that I first met her in 2009 during that Western Caribbean cruise, her first “Take Time to Cruise” (part of her “Take Time” series including gardening, quilting, stitching, knit, read, scrapbook, friends) event.  Well, EAC was fortunate to have her as an instructor during the 2011 Seminar in Sackville, NB earlier this year.  When we saw her, Jeanette immediately gave both Grace and I hugs, asking how we were doing and if we would be in her classes at Seminar.  I jokingly reminded her that I am not a sampler person, but I will definitely cruise with her later this year.  She laughed her delightful laugh and we continued to exchange greetings throughout Seminar 2011.

So if you don’t know this lady, do take the opportunity to meet her in a class or take a cruise.  I am sure there will be others in the future.  Jeanette’s website is  So check where she is and her other designs as well as her blog.

Stay tuned for further information as I continue to tell you about my stitching cruise adventures.  Jennie Wolter


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