September is here...   And fall is not far behind.
To a teacher such as me, fall is the beginning of a new year, a time for fresh beginnings.  It is the perfect time to start that new needlework piece you have been longing to stitch or sign up for a new course, with perhaps a little garden clean up  in between embroidery projects.  Have you thought of taking one of the EAC correspondence courses this year?  The education catalogue is on the EAC website and registration is such a simple procedure.   Remember, for group courses, you can be a group of just one if you can’t convince any of your fellow members to join you in a particular course.   Why not challenge your friends to stitch on a course along with you?
Or, as a personal challenge, what about planning a work to enter one of the EAC competitions?  There is the Leonida Leatherdale Award, the Pauline Glover Award,  the Pulled Thread Award, the Seminar Theme Award and the Original Design Award.   Some of these award pieces need advance planning with some additional work to do as you stitch the piece.  Further information about these awards is also on our website.   Entry forms for these competitions are due next April.

Another exciting thing to do this fall is to delve into the Seminar brochure to plan your stitching adventure for next May.  I can’t say how many times I have read the brochure and I still can’t make up mind for my first and second choices for class!   Seminar will be in Victoria, BC and the committee has been busy planning   even more possibilities and suggestions for your free day adventures if you aren’t taking a class that day.  The details of these possibilities will be unveiled at the Regional meetings and passed on to you by the Regional reps, Jenny and Marg.  The print edition of the brochure is coming soon in the fall edition of Embroidery Canada.   All registrations (snail mail and on line) received before November 1 will be treated equally.  Any class that has over 20 students will go to lottery to determine the final class list.
And speaking of new beginnings…  I have organized my threads, canvas and linen for my next three small projects so that I have something to work on during my cruise next month.  My course work will have to wait till I am back home, but I will take the time to stitch each day during this bountiful season and report back as to whether or not I managed to finish the pieces before the cruise ends and I have to come back to the garden cleanup!
Happy stitching this fall,
                  … Barbara Gilbert


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