I've become much more content with my stitching since I discovered that I'm a "process" person. I'm not always trying to finish a project; I'm content with enjoying the ride. It will come then as no surprise when I tell you that I have a lot of UFO's, unfinished projects. Some, like "Thistle Stop" from The Crossed Wing Collection haven't been touched in quite a while, but I do so love it!! Then there's the big canvaswork "Tranquil Dreams" from Carolyn Mitchell. I work on it in fits and starts as I find it is quite a big piece to get my arms around.
I am working on a Richelieu cutwork basket liner that struck my fancy, but it will also take a long time to finish. I think there are about 100 coronnes (little stitched rings) in the piece altogether.
Stumpwork is one of my major loves. I've started a piece from the Australian Embroidery and Cross Stitch magazine. It has all sorts of insects living among the grass and weeds - sort of a memory piece that brings back growing up in the country and wandering through hayfields and along the creek (We called it a "crick".) My sisters and I used to catch tadpoles there in the Spring with Mom's kitchen strainer. Of course, true to form, I had to change some of the insects in this needlework piece into ones that we might see in this part of the country. Nothing is simple is it? ... Now that we are talking about it I'm excited about that piece again. It might come out of the drawer for a while.
A couple of years ago I thought that the Stitch Along from Papillion Creations would be a great project as it came out in small pieces every couple of months. I surely could keep up with that! Well, life got in the way and it has become another of my UFO's. I love it and will continue it, and will finish it someday.
This only scratches the surface of my started pieces, my ready-to-go pieces, my waiting-in-the-wings pieces, my design ideas, my should-do-some-day ideas, and so much more! I will never be bored! Isn't it great that I enjoy the ride!  

Joyce Gill


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