I had the privilege of chairing my second Atlantic/Central Regional Meeting, hosted by the Lakeshore Creative Guild of Stitchery in Pointe Claire, Quebec. Joyce Gill, EAC Vice President, joined me for the meeting. The Lakeshore Guild had their Ruby Anniversary this year and the hosting of this meeting was a part of their celebrations and they did it in fine style. The meeting was held in the historic Stewart Hall Cultural Centre where the guild has their meetings. Their anniversary show of work was still on display there for us to enjoy, they arranged a guided tour of the center and to round thing off they even had a Merchants Mall on Saturday night! The guild members showed us they were not only great stitchers but great cooks as well as they fed us wonderful food all weekend.

 All of the guilds who were in attendance brought displays of their guild’s work for the past year….what talented members we have!!There was every type of embroidery and many original creations that we all enjoyed being able to view. The representatives were willing to share the success and the problems that sometimes occur in our guilds.

Carol Rand, Lorna Anderson and I had the pleasure of being hosted by Helen Ansell and her husband Bert. I had met Helen several years ago when she accompanied her husband on a business trip to St. John’s. She had contacted me beforehand expressing a desire to meet someone from the St’ John’s Guild. My friend Jill Kirby and I met her at the Rooms for coffee and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon enjoying the view of the Narrows and Signal Hill and talking about embroidery. I remember that her guild was the test group for a correspondence course authored by Barbara Kershaw and she had brought her piece she was working on with her. Helen and Bert live on an island off an island, Ile Mercier and are set up for a B&B and mainly host friends and friends of friends. What a wonderful location, we were just sad that it rained all weekend and we didn’t get to enjoy the hot tub .Despite the rain Helen took us on a driving tour of Montreal by night.

Congratulations to Helen and Bert who became grandparents again, this time to twins, a boy and a girl!

This was my first visit to the Montreal area and look forward to a return visit.

Margaret Adey
Phew, I just finished my last phone call with the Nominating Committee. I put my name up for a second term as Youth Director. Knowing I would be talking to two members of the Nominating Committee, I got to thinking about why I like being on the Board of Directors. After all, it is a lot of work and I seem to do something EAC related every day. Wouldn't my time be better spent stitching? I have a closet full of kits and "someday I'll stitch that" projects and that doesn't count the projects I cut out of magazines and filed away for the future. By June 2012 I will have served six years on the Board. So, why am I putting my name up for another term?

The simple answer is: I like it!

Even before I became a Board member, I attended several Board meetings at various Seminars. Going a few days early meant I actually got to see the Board in action and became familiar with the problems they encountered and the policies they were working with. Having that knowledge really helped when I was first elected to the Board in 2006. 

I also picked positions that enabled me to use the skills I've developed over 35 years as a secretary and office manager. After all, if you know what you're doing, it makes everything easier. I didn't have to learn how to use the software and I was able to go right to the stuff that makes any job fun. Both of the positions I've held require a lot of computer skill and I love working with databases and desktop publishing programs.

Board members from all over the country have become friends. Chatting with them via e-mail and seeing them at Seminar has made my life richer. After all, we all joined EAC because we love embroidery and we all want to improve our skills. I love hearing how problems encountered while stitching were solved and seeing other members' projects is always inspiring.

I have also enjoyed meeting members at Seminar and the fall Board meetings. Bringing their suggestions and concerns to our meetings makes our discussions lively and interesting. I like listening to other opinions and have found that sometimes I change my mind just because someone else approached the issue from a different angle. We all try very hard to be respectful of each other's opinions. I think all of our Board members are very conscious of the fact that we are working for the members. We all want to make EAC the best organization it can be.

So, after all this, why haven't you put your name up for nomination? We'd love to have you join us.

Linda Brenner
Paul (my husband) and I spent a couple of days at a lakeside resort in the Muskokas over Thanksgiving.  This gave me both the time and the opportunity to visit EAC member Kim Beamish again, with whom I'd developed an email friendship before moving from Saskatchewan to Ontario.  I'm not sure how we initially connected, but it was probably through the first postcard group.  We very quickly recognized that we both loved challenges, and, through our email communications, inspired each other to enter various challenges.

Kim and I met, in person, shortly after Paul and I moved to Ontario.  I am in awe of Kim's stitching ability -  the number of pieces she completes, and the number of correspondence courses she has triumphed over.  All this while working fulltime as a school teacher.  My husband even remarked on what a genuine person she is.

We (Kim and I) went to Gitta's Retreat last spring; we stitched, and got to know each other better.  Kim will be teaching at Creativ Festival next weekend, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with her there.

A Word about Creativ Festival

Creativ Festival (October 21-23, 2011) is at the Metro Centre, in Toronto.  EAC has a booth there, and we shall be showing off our members' skills with a varied display of embroidered pieces.  The Toronto Guild of Stitchery is helping with the booth, and providing most of the stitched pieces that will be on display.

Our teachers are Pat Armour (crewel), Kim Beamish (hardanger), Carolyn Mitchell (canvaswork), Lorene Salt (canvaswork), and Lisa Carlin, Colleen Darling and Sue Thomas (ATC's).

Come and visit us at the booth.  Put faces to names, and perhaps even make a new friend.

Sue Thomas

I was privileged to be asked to take part in the 2009 – 2011 Post Card Exchange.
When the first image was shared there were so many elements calling to be included. The line ‘The woods are lovely dark and deep’ kept running through my head.. but I could not focus … the light playing in the clearing at the end of the path ….  the colours …. the path ….

Then on a windy day when the leaves were swirling in the wind and the colours blended into each other resulting in a mass of bright colours moving in the wind .… I knew That
was what I wanted to capture …. so I went to work …. and when I was satisfied with my results sent it off.

However .… as I saw all the other images created with their crisp, sharp lines .… my blur of colour somehow paled by comparison .… and I felt intimidated by the work that the others in the group were creating …. not to mention how so many were being inspired to create images that were .… well what can I say .… beyond what my imagination could imagine …. and so I started to question if my work was up to the standards of the rest of the members in the group.

However .... giving up is not something I do .… (though I Do procrastinate quite well)
I continued .… experimented with some silk paper .... and again was quite pleased with my efforts .... and that image seemed to be in line with how most were interpreting the second image.

Fast forward …. But not too long …. When one image was shared … mine was more or less similar .… so I sent it to her .... just so she could see that it Was almost done when she shared her work. However .… there remains a post card floating in the bottomless pit that is Canada Post .…  by then the others were again sharing such wonderful creations .... and felt my plans for the image paled by comparison .… so there you go .... I was ‘off the wagon’.

This past spring one member brought the cards she and another member had received to Seminar to share with some of the other members of the group. You can not imagine how great I felt when I heard I like this, who did this one, referring to my blur of colour. Not That was a quick reminder that we are too quick to compare our work in a bit of a negative way with similar work of others. We are all different, we all see things through different eyes, even the same image. The completed post cards are a Wonderful example of the different ways of seeing that we bring to any project or organization. That is what makes us such a divergent and vibrant organization.

I have now laid out all my bits and pieces, notes and the photos … And I am ready to finish the ones that are works in progress and start the ones that are only a few notes capturing my preliminary thoughts. As I said, I do not give up, I do procrastinate … but for this project .... procrastination is over. Canada Post will soon be busy delivering my creations to the members who have been waiting so patiently to receive them.  I hope they like what I have created with my threaded needle, just for them.

Stay tuned …. I will share some of the process and photos in the next installment. 

Marie Cron
The Embroiderers' Guild of Peterborough took part in National Stitch in Public Day on September 27th., with a coffee shop crawl in downtown Peterborough.

Members met at the first coffee shop at 9:30 a.m., drank coffee, and stitched.  Several other coffee drinkers were interested in what we were doing, and one young lady working in the coffee shop thought she'd join us after her shift.

We stitched and drank coffee in five different coffee shops until 4:30 p.m.  All of us thought it was a great way to spend a day.

We spoke with several interested people throughout the day, and we felt that we had achieved our goal of raising awareness of the art of embroidery by stitching in public.

A day of stitching, coffee, and fellowship!

Take a look at this website: http://lcsg-gtal.ca/  Way to go Lakeshore Guild a wonderful site.

Sue Thomas
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