I was privileged to be asked to take part in the 2009 – 2011 Post Card Exchange.
When the first image was shared there were so many elements calling to be included. The line ‘The woods are lovely dark and deep’ kept running through my head.. but I could not focus … the light playing in the clearing at the end of the path ….  the colours …. the path ….

Then on a windy day when the leaves were swirling in the wind and the colours blended into each other resulting in a mass of bright colours moving in the wind .… I knew That
was what I wanted to capture …. so I went to work …. and when I was satisfied with my results sent it off.

However .… as I saw all the other images created with their crisp, sharp lines .… my blur of colour somehow paled by comparison .… and I felt intimidated by the work that the others in the group were creating …. not to mention how so many were being inspired to create images that were .… well what can I say .… beyond what my imagination could imagine …. and so I started to question if my work was up to the standards of the rest of the members in the group.

However .... giving up is not something I do .… (though I Do procrastinate quite well)
I continued .… experimented with some silk paper .... and again was quite pleased with my efforts .... and that image seemed to be in line with how most were interpreting the second image.

Fast forward …. But not too long …. When one image was shared … mine was more or less similar .… so I sent it to her .... just so she could see that it Was almost done when she shared her work. However .… there remains a post card floating in the bottomless pit that is Canada Post .…  by then the others were again sharing such wonderful creations .... and felt my plans for the image paled by comparison .… so there you go .... I was ‘off the wagon’.

This past spring one member brought the cards she and another member had received to Seminar to share with some of the other members of the group. You can not imagine how great I felt when I heard I like this, who did this one, referring to my blur of colour. Not That was a quick reminder that we are too quick to compare our work in a bit of a negative way with similar work of others. We are all different, we all see things through different eyes, even the same image. The completed post cards are a Wonderful example of the different ways of seeing that we bring to any project or organization. That is what makes us such a divergent and vibrant organization.

I have now laid out all my bits and pieces, notes and the photos … And I am ready to finish the ones that are works in progress and start the ones that are only a few notes capturing my preliminary thoughts. As I said, I do not give up, I do procrastinate … but for this project .... procrastination is over. Canada Post will soon be busy delivering my creations to the members who have been waiting so patiently to receive them.  I hope they like what I have created with my threaded needle, just for them.

Stay tuned …. I will share some of the process and photos in the next installment. 

Marie Cron


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