Phew, I just finished my last phone call with the Nominating Committee. I put my name up for a second term as Youth Director. Knowing I would be talking to two members of the Nominating Committee, I got to thinking about why I like being on the Board of Directors. After all, it is a lot of work and I seem to do something EAC related every day. Wouldn't my time be better spent stitching? I have a closet full of kits and "someday I'll stitch that" projects and that doesn't count the projects I cut out of magazines and filed away for the future. By June 2012 I will have served six years on the Board. So, why am I putting my name up for another term?

The simple answer is: I like it!

Even before I became a Board member, I attended several Board meetings at various Seminars. Going a few days early meant I actually got to see the Board in action and became familiar with the problems they encountered and the policies they were working with. Having that knowledge really helped when I was first elected to the Board in 2006. 

I also picked positions that enabled me to use the skills I've developed over 35 years as a secretary and office manager. After all, if you know what you're doing, it makes everything easier. I didn't have to learn how to use the software and I was able to go right to the stuff that makes any job fun. Both of the positions I've held require a lot of computer skill and I love working with databases and desktop publishing programs.

Board members from all over the country have become friends. Chatting with them via e-mail and seeing them at Seminar has made my life richer. After all, we all joined EAC because we love embroidery and we all want to improve our skills. I love hearing how problems encountered while stitching were solved and seeing other members' projects is always inspiring.

I have also enjoyed meeting members at Seminar and the fall Board meetings. Bringing their suggestions and concerns to our meetings makes our discussions lively and interesting. I like listening to other opinions and have found that sometimes I change my mind just because someone else approached the issue from a different angle. We all try very hard to be respectful of each other's opinions. I think all of our Board members are very conscious of the fact that we are working for the members. We all want to make EAC the best organization it can be.

So, after all this, why haven't you put your name up for nomination? We'd love to have you join us.

Linda Brenner


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