Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home;
.............................................John Howard Payne

It's amazing what you can find on the Internet. I wanted to use the quote above so I searched for "No place like home." Did you know there is a cat sitting service, a home furnishings store, a video game, and a home care service with that name? That's not to mention the music selections from Perry Como to DEVO, the dramas from a 1980 sitcom to Dr. Who, or the books from Wizard of Oz to Mary Higgins Clark. WOW!!
Anyway, back to the reason I was hunting... I'm home again!! This Fall has been a bit crazy. As part of the position of EAC Vice President, I was the representative of the Board at both Regional meetings, in September in Calgary and in October in Montreal. Both weekends were absolutely wonderful!! Our hosts outdid themselves and the meetings with the representatives from the EAC chapters in the regions were very productive. Such a wonderful group of ladies.
At the beginning of November, Winnipeg Embroidery Guild hosted the Board for our Fall meeting and we had the chance to approve the classes for Seminar 2013 in that lovely city. The Winnipeg chapter hosted a wonderful weekend and out billets were very gracious. I was part of the Board that made a side-trip to North Dakota before this meeting and that was a thrill as well. We accomplished a great deal in our meeting. The Minutes will be coming out soon and we will each be tacking our "to do" lists.
On top of these trips, my other job as a Tour Director took me in September on a bus trip to Boston to join a cruise to Bermuda and in November on a bus trip to New York. What a wonderful Fall!!
But, now I think I'm home on PEI till Spring, except possibly a couple of visits to Truro, Nova Scotia to visit family. I'll now have time to try out the goodies from the shopping opportunities this fall. In Montreal we had an amazing Market Night with some local shops (L'Atelier de Penelope, Au Fil des Points, Books for You, Carolyn Mitchell Designs, La Cigale Brodeuse, Le Fil Apprivoise, NF Hand Embroidery Design, and Quilte Classique). In Calgary the group was taken to visit Traditional Stitches and Jenny introduced me to The Stitching Corner in Cochrane. Then there was Nordic Needle - my first visit and quite a thrill. So, as you can imagine, I have more than enough in my new stash to fill long winter hours.
Joyce Gill    


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