I sure didn't know what to write about in this blog and so I kept putting it off and putting it off and now I have no more time left. I have to come up with something to write. So, I started thinking about what I've been doing lately. As usual, it mostly had to do with being the EAC Youth Director.

Mostly I've been re-organizing the Youth goody supplies. I need to find items quickly and embroidery floss, yarns and fabrics weren't as organized as I needed them to be. Did you know that I send a newsletter to our Youth members four times a year? And did you know that a stitching-related goody goes with each and every newsletter? So what do I have to give to the youth members as goodies?

I have a box full of embroidery floss, sorted into colour groups and divided into 1/4 skeins and a box of Tapestry and Crewel yarns. There is a box of Aida cloth in assorted count sizes, a box of linen and Hardanger fabric and another box of canvas in assorted count sizes. I also have 3 boxes of assorted kits and patterns. And I'm not talking about little dinky-sized boxes here, but the size that can hold 10 reams of paper! You'd think I have enough on hand for the next few years, but I find that I don't always have the right count size fabric or enough of a floss colour, which is why I am always ready to accept donations from our members. If you have any stitching-related items that you no longer want, please consider donating them to the Youth Program. The only cost to you is the postage.

I also got a wonderful idea from one of our members. She wanted to give her granddaughter a membership in the Youth program and asked if I could send the package near her granddaughter's birthday. I got the new member's package ready, she sent me the birthday card and I was able to mail everything to arrive around the granddaughter's birthday.

So, do you have a young relative who is interested in stitching and you don't know what to get them for a Christmas or birthday present? Why don't you buy a year's membership in the EAC Youth Program? For the $15 annual membership fee, your young relative will get 4 newsletters with goodies included, access to special Youth correspondence courses that cost $5 with all the fabric and threads included and an evaluation from a counsellor, and all the advantages that an adult member receives. You really can't get a better deal anywhere else.

Now, I have to get back to sorting the Tapestry and Crewel yarns into colour groups.

Talk to you later,

Linda Brenner


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