Eight, nine, ten, eleven... mark… twenty-three, twenty-four… mark….
Yes, I Can count, but letting you know that is not the purpose of this message.

Did you notice the lovely ornaments on Lisa’s tree included in the last post? Did you look at them? …. not just look at them, did you Look at them? Do You see what I See? Different shapes and techniques … such diversity… have you even wondered why your friend choose That particular item to stitch and Why she choose the technique(s) she worked the piece in?

I recall a conversation I had sometime ago with someone who creates the most wonderful pieces.. all of which are done with surface stitches. She shared that counted work is not what she prefers. In fact I think she would go to just about any length to avoid counted work. … for others, oh Dear, you want Me to do That? Referencing a piece that does not come with a grid chart. Then there are those of us who are content to stitch both,

It seems that for many, sharing their creativity is part of the practices of this time of year. Christmas trees, wreaths, snowmen  .. and the list goes on. I am sure most of you have browsed through more than one Christmas Ornament magazine. There are many ready to stitch projects for those who prefer to stitch the things they see and like. These same projects can be the starting point for those who like to personalize their pieces.. make them ‘an original’ but, for whatever reason, they do not start with a blank piece of fabric and a threaded needle wondering what they might end up with, but as they begin to stitch (or sketch, depending on the individual).  For those who are not yet ready to try their hand at designing, the ready to stitch projects are perfect; and when someone gets an idea for modifying the pattern to make it uniquely theirs, that is good. For others they might browse through the project magazines, but when the time comes to stitch .. they like to see what they can design, be it a simple tree shaped Christmas ornament or a more complex project.

Such were the end products brought to the Alderney Needlearts Guild Christmas lunch and ornament exchange. Ten of us arrived with our stitched pieces for sharing. Do you see the many techniques, surface work, beaded work, some are from Christmas Ornament magazines from past years, some are a compilation of stitches and ideas from several different ornaments and projects and yet others are the result of the stitcher starting with a blank piece of paper.. and an idea. No matter how you decide to stitch a piece, a little bit of yourself gets stitched into the piece. When we give a gift of stitched Christmas ornament, a little bit or ourselves go along with it, and in years to come, when they are unwrapped, thoughts will wonder back to the time and person who gave that ornament.

As we approach the winter solstice and the many holidays that are clustered around that date.. may you and yours enjoy a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,  Blessed Kwanzaa..
And hopefully winter will be good to all of us, dropping some extra time for stitching in our laps!

Marie Cron


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