This week our guild had their Christmas Holiday Parties.  I am a member of the Toronto Guild of Stitchery.  Our guild has both a day and evening group therefore we celebrate twice.  I’ve been a member since 1995 however due to employment I have never been able to attend the day group.  Now that I am retired with my husband I had the opportunity to attend both celebrations.

Traditionally our group exchanges hand stitched ornaments.  The process by which we select our gifts is by receiving half a playing card, the other half goes into a hat.  When your card is drawn you select a gift from the pile being sure not to open the gift until everyone has selected their gift.  After opening your gift one person begins by speaking about the wonderful gift they have received.  They then ask “who made the gift”?  The stitcher acknowledges that he or she has made it.   Expressions of gratitude are exchanged and that person explains about the gift they have received.

This year in the evening group instead of half a playing card we received a word.  My word was “pipe”.  One of our eloquent members read the Christmas classic story “The night before Christmas”.  As your word came up in the story you went to select your gift.  What I found especially wonderful was that everyone enjoyed the story so much that after everyone had received their gifts our group asked the reader to continue reading the story to the end.  There was such a peaceful appreciation for being together and enjoying the moment.

As I decorated my tree I looked at all the beautiful stitched ornaments that I had received over the years from different people.  Every piece of stitching we do expresses our personalities, interests and sense of flair.  To receive a stitched gift is an especially wonderful thing for a stitcher.  Stitching and sharing brightens our days and our lives.

As you celebrate your traditions I want to wish you and your loved ones a happy and joyous Holiday.

Lisa Carlin

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  1. What a lovely way to exchange gifts. Thanks for posting a picture as well :)


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