When all of the Christmas presents were wrapped and the cards sent this year I found that I actually had some time left for myself. It had been a while since I had picked up a stitching project and I was missing it more than I realized. I had started Random Thoughts by Cynthia Zittel (The Drawn Thread) a couple of years ago and it caught my eye again. There really wasn't much work left on it, so I finished it off before Christmas. What a fun piece to stitch! (http://www.drawnthread.com/Chart%20Pages/randomthoughts.html)

When I was at the regional meeting in Montreal , I had purchased a kit for a sweet little Christmas ornament from Carolyn Mitchell and it was my second completed piece before Christmas and even made it to our tree. (http://www.mrstwitchett.mb.ca)

Then I got inspired by Kathy Taylor's blog entry about giving herself a gift of a new project, and decided it was time to start "Catherine Agnes". I had first seen this piece by Indigo Rose at Seminar 2011 as an entry in the Member's Show, stitched by Pam Benckhuysen. I finally found the pattern and purchased it this summer. A visit to Traditional Stitches (http://www.traditionalstitches.com) this fall was just what I needed to get my own colour scheme. Someone asked me once if I ever used the suggested colours in anything I ever stitched... well... probably not!! 

So, now that Christmas 2011 is a memory, I've settled in for an enjoyable time with Catherine Agnes. The snow is falling outside my window. My "To Do List" can wait for a few more days. May you all be able to snatch some time from your hectic schedules to enjoy our shared hobby.

Happy New Year!!

Joyce Gill

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  1. Glad I was able to motivate you to let yourself start a new project on Christmas. Thanks for including the links to your projects. It is great to not only see them but to be able to look at other projects by the artist. Way to go finishing several items!


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