A few pieces of information to share with you.

Stitching Idyllic written by Ann Bernard and available as an e-book can now be previewed on Ann's web-site www.annbernard.com. Take a look it certainly makes me think about spring.

I received this from Jessica Atkins, you may be interested:

I am thrilled to announce Black Dog’s latest book release; the hotly anticipated Tapestry: A Woven Narrative. 

To celebrate Tapestry’s release, we would be delighted to offer you and your members a 40% discount on all orders for this book. Please do distribute this offer as appropriate.  

Tapestry: A Woven Narrative is a review of contemporary tapestry design, discussing the progression from early designs to tapestry production today. The book investigates the current tapestry scene, in which weavers and artists across the globe have begun appropriating the medium to present their work and ideas in a previously unexplored fashion, creating a fascinating juxtaposition between the socio-cultural documentation of many historical works and the more abstract and contemporary themes often dealt with in tapestries today.

The publication includes works from notable modern artists, looks at the creative outputs of three of the most eminent tapestry studios in the world and also discusses the practical aspects of tapestry production, taking in both historical and contemporary methods. Beautifully illustrated, Tapestry is a stunning and comprehensive exploration of this historical—but progressive—tradition.

To order at the discounted price, simply email me at jess@blackdogonline.com with your delivery address and the book will be despatched with an invoice. 

I have attached here a press release containing further information on the book and please just shout if you have any queries – I’d be happy to help! 

All the best, 

Marie Cron sent this note about ATC's. Just a friendly reminder: last year there were none from Manitoba or Quebec. Can we change that this year?

Artist Trading Cards.....
     Have Started to Arrive......
I was delighted to find four envelopes containing some
Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) waiting for me when I returned
home from a visit with my son and his family.
The first person to send hers made her way to the Post Office
on Tuesday January 3rd, and the others followed over the next
few days.
Many of you intend to stitch some and are busy either stitching
or thinking about what to stitch and gathering your supplies.....
and some of you are not sure if you are going to participate......
You know, there is still Plenty of time for you to stitch one or more
and get them in the mail to me....  the deadline is not until
March 15th...
so.... give it some thought...  and we can pick up this
conversation again when I post the next time....
Happy Stitching


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