February seems to be the point in winter that we realize the
days Are getting longer... (reading the official sunrise and sunset
times in the paper just does not seem to make the connection...)
I need to actually experience the sun setting later, and oh how wonderful
it is when that realization occurs. Oh yes, we still have a lot of cold
weather ahead of us, and snow... some of that too, depending on
where you live. .. but spring Is inching closer each day.
Spring is a new beginning and for me that new beginning includes finishing
projects that remain Long overdue (post cards are progressing, unfortunately
I seem to have most of them at some point in the process so it seems that
there has been no progress made... but most are almost complete and ready for the mail)
and... they Must be finished and mailed before I can start my ATCs.
I absolutely must participate in the ATC exchange, since it was my idea that my Guild offer to host the
exchange; I would Never hear the end of it if I did not participate!
This will be the 7th Annual ATC exchange, and it has been growing each year.
A total of 31 stitchers produced 78 ATCs for the 2006 exchange.
Last year there was a total of 306 ATCs created; youth members
from two Chapters (one in each BC & NL) produced 35; 4 stitchers from Australia produced 13
and 63 Canadian stitchers, from 9 provinces and territories, produced 218.
(there were no submissions from stitchers from Manitoba or Quebec last year)
The variety is amazing... and all previous ATCs are posted on the EAC web site.
If you are not sure what to stitch.. browse through the past offerings and I am
sure you will get some inspiration on how to use your small pieces of fabric and those
left over bits of threads, or experiment with some new materials from your stash.
For those who have been meaning to try something new, but are not quite sure...
what better way to give something new a try... and if the thought of parting with
your new creations is a problem, stitch two, one to trade and one to keep...
That is a Win-Win.
What do you do with the ATCs you have received?
I recently had someone tell me they did not know what to do with them after they received them.
Sue Thomas has the Perfect and Easy solution for this.
If you check the Summer 2007 issue of Embroidery Canada (Volume 34 Number 3) page 37
you will find the directions for an easy to make ATC wire stand. The perfect little creation on which
to display an ATC. Sue says she rotates hers regularly, so if you can not find space for several look around
.. be creative with your use of space and work to find a space for One so you too can enjoy the creativity of a
stitcher whose creation you received.
What motivates you in your creation of ATCs? Why did you stitch the number you sent along?
I think gathering the motivations behind the creations and the reasons why we stitch them.. and anything
else associated with ATCs would make for an interesting article. So.. why not send along the story behind
the ones you have stitched? not just the ones for this year, but the ones stitched in the past.
You can send them along by email or include them with your ATCs. I will compile the information and
see if it can be included on the web site or perhaps published in Embroidery Canada.
If you can’t stitch any this year, but you have in the past, send along your information ... let’s see
how diverse our reasons and inspirations are.
On behalf of Alderney Needlearts Guild thanks for considering participating in this year’s ATC exchange..
and don’t forget to send along a few words about why you participate and what your inspirations for
stitching them are.
Till the next time... Happy Stitching..
Marie Cron


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