Isn't it amazing how you seem to get more done when you have less leisure time? It sure seems to work that way with me.

My husband had been retired for two years and I was still working full time. We decided we didn't need the money, so decided to slow things down a bit. I quit my full-time position and looked for a part-time job. I was looking forward to having a few extra hours each day to work on designing and stitching. I couldn't find anything right away, so I hired on at an Employment Agency. Within a week, I had a part-time position as receptionist from 12:00 to 4:30. Even with long bus commutes each way, I still had a couple of extra hours each day, so it seemed like I had a lot of extra time to stitch and work on my designs. That position ended and I got another part-time position working at a courier company. Again, it was for afternoons, only this time, I didn't have long bus commutes and had even more extra time for stitching and designing. With my mornings free, I seemed to get a lot done.

My current position is mostly part-time, 5 hours a day in the mornings, but sometimes I work more hours when there is extra work or someone is on vacation. For some reason, I don't seem to get as much done having the afternoons free as I did having the mornings free. I seem to spend my afternoons playing Mahjong and card games rather than working on my design instructions and diagrams.

For the past month, I've been working full days and only have the weekends for my designs and I seem to be getting more done than I did when I had the afternoons free! Having a smaller amount of time to work on my own creations seems to make me buckle down and work, rather than playing games.

In a couple of years when I retire, I hope don't spend all day playing Mahjong and card games on my computer, but we'll see.

Linda Brenner


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