I love a challenge or a competition.  Not because I want to win - although that is great - but because it challenges me to design and complete a piece.  It gives me personal satisfaction to set a goal for myself, and to reach that goal.  It also makes me overcome the fear that my work isn't good enough.

Last seminar, I entered the Leonida Leatherdale Award because I made that commitment to myself, but even when I saw my piece displayed I wondered what had possessed me to enter!  Imagine, then, my surprise when I discovered I had won.  I was thrilled with the bone broach/pendant, but I was equally thrilled that my peers had judged my work and found it good.

I am sure that many of us have this feeling of inadequacy when displaying our needlework.  When I was seven years old, we were taught needlework at school (certainly shows my age!). At the end of the school year, our teacher held a display of our stitching.  I had made a pink handkerchief case which I wanted on display, but my teacher told me the stitching wasn't good enough for display.  I can still remember  the feelings of hurt, even though I was allowed to display an alternate piece.

I think the need to challenge myself and to compete probably started with this incident, so I guess the teacher did me a favour.  I still have the handkerchief case, and one day I will get it framed, with the story on the back on the frame.

My challenge to you is to enter a competition or challenge so that you, too, can experience and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving a goal.  Check out EAC's challenges or is there one in your local chapter?


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  1. I remember that handkerchief! Who knew it would launch you on such an amazing journey.



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