I really need to start this blog by spreading the news!  This fall the CreativFestival is celebrating 25 years of creativity.  They will be presenting a Designer Style Challenge and Award searching for the best in Canada.  If you have ever considered designing this is your opportunity to let your creativity flow.  There are 8 categories to choose from with a prize of $1,000.00 per categories as well as a crystal trophies created by Swarovski.  The categories are: beadwork and jewellery design, fashion sewing and design, fibre art/surface design, knitting/crochet, needle art, paper art, quilting and upcycling.  July 31st is the deadline for your application to this challenge so check the rules and regulations in their advertisement in Embroidery Canada magazine and join the fun.

On Saturday February 25th the Toronto Guild of Stitchery had our annual Stitch Day.   Our stitch day is special for a multiple of reasons.  The Toronto guild has both a day and evening group.  However due to the different times that the meetings are held rarely do the members ever meet.  The stitch day brings both groups together to meet, socialize and enjoy stitching and fellowship.
We started our day with a wonderful stitching stuff sale.  One of our brave organizers collected all the donated items in her house.  I felt good about my shopping excursion as I had brought books for donation to the sale.   Raffle tickets were sold and as numbers were called out there was lots of excitement and great applause.  We managed to finally get started stitching when it was time for lunch.  For this special event we had a catered lunch which was delicious. 
After lunch we were all given a bingo card with words related to stitching.  Our new guild member Victoria Moorshead volunteered to be our caller.  Victoria has a beautiful British accent and she had us howling as she rolled out the stitching words.  And believe it or not, there was a tie.  To break the tie, Victoria had the members do a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game but changed the game slightly to rock equals magnet, paper equals fabric and scissors as usual.  A great time was had by all.  Money raised by our event will go to hosting the EAC ACRAM meeting in Toronto in October 2012.

Lisa Carlin


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