You may have noticed that throughout my blogs I talked about birth samplers.  My husband, Rod and I have no children, but between the 2 of us we have 9 siblings (Rod and I are both the 5th child with 4 older sisters each), 19 nieces and nephews, 21 great nieces and nephews and 5 great great nieces and nephews.  I am currently stitching for the 5 great great nieces and nephews and now for 3 new great nieces and nephews who are on the way.  Do I have you completely confused yet?  Think how confusing it must be for me.  I have stitched for most of the great nieces and nephews, but when the gg ones started coming along I decided it was getting to be too much.  That is of course until my sister (their great grandmother) asked me if I would stitch something for them.  I certainly don’t mind doing it, but can’t promise how old they will be by the time I am finished since many of the nieces and nephews continue to get married and have little ones.  I have chosen to cross stitch Precious Moments pictures for the 5 of them and will add their names and particulars on the bottom.  They work up fairly quickly as there are not a lot of colour changes.  I hope that before the end of the year I will be able to share them with you...unframed of course.  That I will leave up to Great Gramma.  J 

I am currently about half way through Theresa Wentzler’s Noah’s Ark sampler for one of the new babies who is due within the next couple weeks.  It didn’t look like too big a project until I started stitching all the animals around the outside and realized they are 1 over 1.  I only stitch in the evening and find I can get about 2 squares done a week.  There are 22 squares plus the 4 corner ones.  I have gotten 6 of them done, that leaves 20 to do at 2 a week…10 weeks. Plus stitching the alphabet and putting in the babies particulars.  Arghhh!!  How do I get myself into these messes.  The next baby, due in August will be here before I get the picture finished for the one due in April.  Oh well this will come as no surprise to our niece.  I am sure it was the same for her last baby.  I think next Seminar we need to offer a course on time appreciation…measuring how much time it will really take you to finish a project.  That is definitely not one of my strong points, in fact, quite frankly, I suck at it. 

…I just read this blog over before sending it in and thought how silly I am to be freaking out about stitching something for a baby who will not even know that someone has made something for them for years, so I am going to go now and stitch on something for fun…a needle case for an upcoming needle case exchange.  J

Kathy Taylor


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