Happy Easter to all of you.

My blog  consists of did bits of information I have been flagging in my e-mail to pass on. Hopefully you find some of them interesting or useful.

Congratulations to two members, Kim Beamish and Carol English.

Kim recently stitched and sent a Diamond Jubilee Sampler to the Queen. She again received a personal letter from the Queen who actually remembered that Kim had sent her Christmas ornaments; way to go Kim.

Read about Carol
 Competitions and giveaways

Jane Nicholas Kits Giveaway

It is wonderful to receive your letters and hear what you are stitching. I especially love hearing about young people learning to stitch and will share some of these letters with you over the months to come. 
One of the winners for our Jane Nicholas kit giveaway is Carol English from Canada who is teaching her grandchildren to embroider, and our other winner isHelenka DeLuca who lives in Saudi Arabia and who has difficulty finding projects to stitch where she lives.
Some of us are very lucky to live where we have an abundance of embroidery shops, projects and classes available to us. I hope that we can continue to share our love of stitching all over the world.
I'd like to share Carol's letter with you...
Art Nouveau Dragonfly from Inspirations issue 41"Thank you so much for offering us this opportunity to win a Jane Nicholas project kit. Being internationally renowned for her amazing and beautiful embroidery, Jane is a wonderful ambassador for your awesome country. I live in a smaller community two and a half hours by car from the nearest embroidery shop in the middle of Canada so the arrival of 'Inspirations' and your newsletters are always a welcome treat to my day! I have tried many different needlework techniques but love needle/thread painting.
However, I have a 7 year old grandson for whom I would love to stitch something very special and lasting, and have been pondering recently what I could do. When I saw Jane's dragonfly project I instantly thought that this would be the gift he would treasure! He is very interested in bugs and has started a small collection which I helped him mount last summer. At the same time I would enjoy the challenge and the beauty of the goldwork involved in this project.
As well, during this past winter I have begun to teach my two 5 year old grand daughters how to embroider the bunny pattern that I first stitched about 65 years ago, and amazingly still have in my possession. My grandson asked if I would teach him as well, so of course I am delighted and am presently finding a simple dinosaur pattern for him to start with (his choice). Although I made him a special baby blanket, I would love to stitch him something age appropriate now to continue his interest not only in bugs but his growing interest in embroidery. Your offer came along serendipitously so I simply had to write."
Jane generously donated two stunning full kits with instructions - a sumptuous stumpwork kit, Garland of Berries, and a beautiful goldwork kit, Art Nouveau Dragonfly, which was published in Inspirations issue 41.

I received this from New Stitches which may be of interest to some of you:

Mary Hickmott's New Stitches magazine has readers and followers all over the globe and we know many are members of embroidery guilds, groups and associations worldwide. We know this as we frequently receive requests from group members who wish to use our designs and projects in their classes. 

I am getting in touch with you to let you know that New Stitches magazine is now available on-line as a digital download. This is great news for readers outside of the UK. Each issue is available every month, cheaper than the cover price on the UK newsstand. It is both significantly cheaper and quicker than waiting for a shipment to arrive at your local store or a mailed subscription copy to arrive at your door. It would be wonderful if you could let your members know this either via your newsletter or as a link on your website.

New Stitches is available monthly from www.pocketmags.com - simply search for New Stitches and all available issues will be displayed. They are quick and easy to download and printable too.

New Stitches has recently launched its Facebook page here. Let me know if you have a Facebook page that you would like us to 'like' to bring our readers and your members together.

For those who like challenges check this web-site:   http://www.csnf.com/?utm_source=2012+Vol+7&utm_campaign=eNews+-+2012+Vol+7&utm_medium=email

You will want to check out the EAC web-site for two new items:
Island Images Seminar 2012 has an additional fundraiser,  to raise funds for youth attending Seminar. It is a very neat sampler designed by Karen Dearborn and it is only $5.00.

EAC now has some promotional items that will be available on the web-site by May 1st. We will have lanyards, tape measures, water bottles and tote bags. There is a limited amount available so you will need to place your order soon. I love the EAC blue water bottle, and the lanyard is perfect for your guild pin collection and name tag.

Now it's time for chocolate!



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