Hello fellow stitchers.

You may recall my earlier blog on the composite stitching picture I purchased at Seminar 2011 in Sackville, NB and the challenge behind that “prize”.  I alluded to the latest EAC Board challenge, which I was fortunate to participate in as it will be my last for awhile.  This latest challenge was to complete a needle case – if you made one, you got one in return.  The results were revealed to much anticipation at the Spring 2012 Board Meeting in Victoria, BC prior to Seminar 2012. 

I believe there were 12-15 participants including Board members and Appointees who accepted the challenge and created a needle case.  Photos are included.  The challenge was put forth at the 2011 Fall Board meeting in Winnipeg, MB.

For my needle case creation, I wanted to get outside the box, so I made mine a three-dimensional (3D) cube with blackwork stitching on the six sides.  When open, it can be flattened; but when it is closed, it resembles a cube.  I have been asked to prepare instructions for its construction, so watch for the details in a future issue of Embroidery Canada.

This year there was much oohing and aahing of the beautifully crafted needle cases over the two days of the EAC Board meetings on May 13 and 14.  Each needle case was assigned a number.  Each participant drew a number and “won” that needle case provided it was NOT the one they lovingly created themselves.  I believe Marie Cron “won” my three-dimensional cube needle case and I “won” Linda Brennner’s beautifully stitched blackwork needle case which included her initials and date stitched.  I am sure you will agree they were all beautifully handcrafted.  I hope the other “winners” will send in their comments on which they created and which one they won so everyone can see how creative your Board of Directors are when given a challenge.

As you can see you are missing a wonderful opportunity if you are not a part of the EAC Board and/or Appointees.  The terms are two years and the Board members are elected for the even year terms (e.g. July 2012 – June 2014) while the Appointees are elected for the odd year terms (e.g. July 2013 – June 2015).  So what are you waiting for.  Check out the EAC website to see what each position entails and see where you might be able to assist and join a dynamic group of fellow stitchers devoted to effecting positive changes for ALL EAC members.  We do a lot of hard work, but we also have fun getting to know one another and stepping up to the challenges.  I sure hope you will consider and accept the challenges of EAC and participate. 

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my two terms (four years) on the EAC Board as the Prairie Pacific Regional Director.  I got to meet some FABULOUS stitchers, who I now call friends from across our great nation.  I know I will have a place to stay if I am ever in their neck of the woods and vice versa.  I wish all my friends a wonderful summer of fun in creating more unique pieces of ART.  Remember what we do is ART and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Jennie Wolter, outgoing PP Regional Director (going, going, soon to be gone)



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