These past few weeks after the end of Seminar has been a busy time. I had a cross-stitch birth announcement picture that I needed to finish by the end of May. I got it all completed except for my nephew's name and birth date. I couldn't completely finish the picture as I lost the piece of paper that I wrote down the information on eight years ago. Once again, I put it in a safe place and I don't know where that safe place is! I'm glad I didn't stitch my nephew's name on the picture as my sister wanted his nickname stitched, not his legal name. It's done now and I'll block and frame it this weekend and courier it to my sister. After all, I'm eight years late already, so another week or so won't hurt.

At the beginning of June, my mother, sister and nephew paid us a visit. I hadn't seen my sister and nephew for 12 years. They live in Louisiana and we just never seemed able to get together as something always came up in one of our families. My sister found out she had breast cancer in the fall and had just finished with her chemotherapy and radiation treatments in March. This trip to visit relatives in Washington and Oregon and a few days with my family was her gift to herself and from her husband for getting through the treatments. We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Aquarium and several restaurants. It can be tough to come up with places to visit when the age range is 14 to 82, but we managed it. We were even able to take in the new Men in Black 3 movie in 3-D.

Before I left for Seminar, I had finished the Youth newsletter and was going to print and mail it to the youth members when my printer died. By the time we figured out why I couldn't print, a couple of days had gone by and I didn't have the time. Now I have to redo some of the pages with information from the Board meeting and Seminar. I also took pictures of the Youth display at the Members' Exhibit which I want to include. Hopefully I can have the newsletter in the mail by the end of June, if I have no further computer problems.

I had hoped that things would slow down a bit after Seminar, but so far, it hasn't happened. Maybe in July...



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