I've taken on an important task - one that I need all EAC members to help me with!  For the next two years I will be the President of our organization. I'm hoping it will be a productive time of growth in the EAC community as well as an enjoyable adventure getting to know each other better. As with any new venture, there will be a mixture of the expected and the unexpected. As a Board we will try to steer our organization in a responsible manner, at the same time as we reach out to bring in new members and add new excitement. The Visioning Day held this past Spring in Victoria presented us with ideas and feedback on ways to revitalize EAC. The full report will be circulated via the Regional Directors and it is hoped that it will start lots of lively discussion in your own chapters.

One of the recommendations - a suggestion box on the website - has already been instituted. Send your comments to suggestions@eac.ca. We need your feedback - What are you wanting from your EAC organization? How can these needs be achieved? How can each of us - Board members, Chapter members, National members - contribute to make our organization the best it can possibly be?

The report from Visioning Day will be on the agendas at the Regional Meetings and the Fall Board Meeting, and we hope that goals can be established based on the feedback. So, let's hear from you - if something is wrong, then how can it be made right? If something is right - of course we need to hear about that too!!

I'm excited about the next two years, moving forward cooperatively, creatively, together!

Joyce Gill
EAC President

"If you think you are too small to be effective, 
you have never been in bed with a mosquito."
                                                            Betty Reese 


  1. Congratulations Joyce on your new and wonderful position!! Hope it will be a terrific 2 years for you :) As a blogger, blog follower and reader I was very glad when EAC began its own blog. Carol Storie and I are the administrator's of The Regina Stitchery Guild's Facebook page and the feedback has been nothing but positive. Would having a FB page be something EAC would consider?

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Actually we have been discussing a variety of social media. I think the main problem is that none of us on the current Board feel confident enough to get into it. Do you have any expertise that you are willing to volunteer to get us off on the right foot?

    2. Well, I don't know about expertise Joyce but certainly I'd be willing to be part of an admin team to get an EAC facebook page started if you'd like. Are you on FB and have you had a look at the Regina Stitchery Guild's FB page? If so, what do you think of our posts and pictures and the information we put up?


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