Finally the day arrived.. pipe and drape in  place, tables, table coverings, easels,  materials to hang
pieces and all the other details that would go into setting up the display.
Finally... it was done! Ten tables, two chairs, several large easels and numerous small easels for individual pieces...
In the three days of the show, over 800 individuals viewed the display and some came back a second time.
Over and over we heard ‘wonderful’, ‘amazing’, ‘breath taking’, and the comments in the guest book mirrored those we heard as folks left the show.
Every stitcher who had some of their work on display received votes for ‘Viewers’ Choice’ (not every piece.. but every stitcher)
From Alderney Needlearts Guild, Wendy McPhee’s canvas work received the most votes.

And from the Stitchery Guild of Bedford, Dominique Teniere’s surface stitching and 3 dimension stitching over her own original painted fabric received the most votes.

In retrospect... was this show one we are pleased we did? Absolutely, yes. Is it something we would do again... perhaps... however it would depend on the circumstances. Certainly to have partnered with Quilt Canada 2012 was the piece that made the show the success is was, because although many quilters do not stitch as we term stitching.... they are Very aware of what goes into creating something from scratch... and that is the piece that made the show the success it was.
Happy summer stitching..... and to parrot Sue’s question..
Where do you like to stitch in summer? Do you have a favourite summertime stitching spot...or do you stitch in the same place(s)? 
Why not share with the rest of us?
All for today...
Marie Cron


  1. Congratulations on a great show. A very smart idea to team up with the Quilt Show. We all have so much in common. Congratulations Wendy and Dominique.

    Sue Thomas

  2. What a wonderful show, Marie! I wish I had been able to go.

    Joyce Gill

  3. All the stitched pieces look fabulous!! Congratulations on putting on such a terrific display of stitching


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