This summer has been very busy with preparations for Seminar 2013. It is coming together nicely and we are now moving into the next stage -- Registration. The brochure with all the particulars can be found on the EAC site:

Elizabeth Bonnett, who is the Chairperson for the Seminar 2013 Art Department, is responsible for creating  a large part of the  Seminar Calendar and the Seminar Promo DVD.  She recently took time from her very busy schedule to participate in an exhibition called “The Power of 3” at the St. Norbert Arts Centre, with 2 other ladies, Bev Flackman, who specializes in paper cutting, and Ditte Cloutier, a fibre artist.  Elizabeth’s talents are many and varied.  In this show, she featured her painting, fibre artistry and scrimshaw.  They filled the gallery with a charming collection of delightful pieces.

The Winnipeg Embroiderers’ Guild President, Linda Lassman, and I drove out to view this absolutely delightful exhibit and it was wonderful to spend part of a beautiful Sunday afternoon to truly enjoy these artists’ works.

Enjoy some of the picture of the pieces in the exhibit. More images can be found at

Beryl Burnett


  1. Great reminder about Seminar 2013 ,I am all ready to register on September 6th.
    The show at St Norbert looks as though it was very inspiring, as is the body of work Elizabeth has. Wow I am in awe of such talent.


    1. Congratulations Elizabeth on such stunning work! Wish I was in Winnipeg to view and enjoy. There are so many talented people in EAC!!
      Leonida would be so proud of what the members of EAC are doing today after 40 years as an organization!
      Keep the artistic juices flowing!

  2. A wonderful looking exhibit & thanks for the reminder that registration will begin on the 6th. There's such an excellent choice of classes to choose from!


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