I am really enjoying watching the summer Olympic Games.  The Olympics is the only time I watch sports on television (except for the figure skating, of course).

When the Vancouver winter Olympics was on, I was still living in Nipawin, Saskatchewan.  Our guild was was trying to plan a winter retreat, and it ended up that only Pat Olson and I could go.  We went to a spa for three nights where we swam, soaked in mineral waters, ate, watched the Olympic Games, and stitched.  We had a wonderful time, and felt really relaxed and rejuvenated when we got home, as well as quite smug as we both had several finished projects to show off.

I know that I can sit and stitch whenever I like and for as long as I like, but sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to do that.  The Olympics give me that permission to leave other jobs until later.  I can take the time to watch the athletes competing for their country, giving their best performances, while I stitch and stitch.  I love it.

While I watch, I am still working away at those Christmas ornaments I mentioned in an earlier blog - ten of the maple leaf design ornaments from the Winnipeg Seminar 2013 fundraiser calendar.  So far, six are complete, and four are waiting to be sewn together.

Take a look at that calendar.  It's on the DVD Branching Out that your guild received, and it's also on the EAC website .

With another week of Olympics still to go, it's time to decide on my next project.  I could finish any number of UFO's; I could start my ATC's for this year (I usually start them during the summer); or I could start an entirely new project.  Whatever I decide, I do know that given the ever-decreasing amount of available space in my studio, I had better use supplies that I have on hand...

I hope that you, too, will take the time to enjoy the 2012 summer Olympic Games and to stitch.

Sue Thomas

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  1. Your maple leaf ornament looks lovely Sue and I should start on a few atc's for the EAC swap soon too. I just looked at the class schedule for Seminar 2012 and the class list looks fantastic. The hard part will be in whittling down all the ones I want to take!


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