Oh, summer is definitely the best time of year!  Great to kick back and start a new 
stitching project (it’s always a good time for that) or read a book.  I was sent a link to an interesting phenomenon called “yarnbombing”.  You haven’t heard of it?  Neither had I.  Yarnbombing involves covering everyday objects in knitting or crochet.  It could possibly be described as graffiti but without harming property or the environment.  Anything is fair game in yarnbombing from a statue to a park bench or a bus stop.  Why, you ask?  People do it for many reasons.  It could be to beautify, to make a statement but mainly to bring attention to the fragile beauty of things created by hand.  This brings me back to the point of my introduction.  

When investigating yarn bombing, I came across a book titled Hoopla - the art of unexpected embroidery by Leanne Prain.  The book features many artists who created needlework for a multitude of reasons.  One man who was incarcerated created beautiful embroidery using threads acquired by disassembling threads from socks.  Another woman created embroidery to express her adventures and frustrations with on-line dating.  A husband and wife team examined the world by looking at what is discarded or thrown-away in society as well as the complexity of dealing with the loss of a loved one.  A man brought attention to the embroidered creations of men by coining the term manbroidery.  This book features some small projects to get the reader interested in stitching.  It was great to see so much stitched artwork.  I enjoyed the incredibly different perspectives and motivations that gave people the urge to stitch.  With National Stitch in Public Day quickly approaching next month (week of September 27th), think about ways of enticing people to pick up a needle and thread and head off to a great adventure in stitching!

Lisa Carlin

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  1. Nice post Lisa! I've borrowed this book a couple of times from our local library and found many of the stories quite interesting. It's so neat to see all the different ways people have of people creative, yarnbombing being one of them :)


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