Happy National Stitch in Public Day!!  I had a wonderful afternoon stitching at the Beaches Sewing Centre in Toronto.  We were a smallish group of enthusiastic stitchers but we had a great sewing shop location and a sunny afternoon with many shoppers dropping by to say hello.  We gave out Embroidery Canada magazines and Toronto Guild of Stitchery business cards. 

Just a reminder that October 12 to 14th is the 25th Anniversary of CreativFestival happening at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  EAC members who volunteer at our booth will receive free admission to the show.  Email Lisa Carlin at communications@eac.ca if you wish to volunteers or require any additional information.

Seeking the comfort of stitching

This September my youngest son aged nineteen moved to Ottawa to attend Carleton University.  My husband and I are very proud of our son’s achievement and we worked hard to make the transition smooth.  There was shopping, packing and preparing for this change.  I unfortunately was feeling very sad that we would be experiencing this change in our family situation.  Finally we packed up the car and drove to Ottawa.  I was very upset.  When I returned home without my son the sadness did not go away.  I remembered many years ago I had purchased a pattern for a birth sampler for my son.  Now as I’m sure you have probably experienced in your own life, sometimes things gets in the way of our best laid plans.  I had never managed to stitch this sampler.  I pulled out the pattern and purchased the fabric and threads.  The pattern is by an American designer Pat Rogers who I had taken a class from many years ago at the Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival in the United States.  This sampler is called Roots and Wings Birth Sampler.  Along with a beautiful alphabet a passage reads “Dear Little One, I wish you two things, to give you roots and to give you wings”. I have managed to stitch about half of the piece to date.  I mentioned to a stitching friend that I was stitching the sampler.  She said are you stitching it for future grandchildren.  I replied no, that I am stitching it for my son and myself.  I still miss my son terribly but I must admit that stitching the sampler has really helped.

Lisa Carlin

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  1. Lovely post Lisa. Stitching helps me sooth the aches of the heart and mind as well. Very nice verse on your sampler :)


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