One of my favourite parts of Guild meetings is our Show n' Tell table. Most Guilds enjoy a variation of this activity where members bring and display their latest works.  In the Calgary Guild of Needle & Fibre Arts (CGNFA) after the business portion of the meetings our Show 'n Tell lady, Irene,  holds up each item while the creator says a few words about why she made the piece, new techniques it involved and challenges it presented.  Seeing and admiring the work of others, sharing the stories,and having the chance to see and admire their stitching up close and personal, never fails to inspire!  

Ilys admires the lovely fundraising kits available for Seminar 2013

A multitude of items created by Jennie Wolter are admired

Amanda explains the challenge of running out of thread
and how she overcame it

Jeanette shared the baby quilt she completed 

A member created this 50th anniversary piece by adapting
a commercial design for a 25th anniversary piece.

At the September General Meeting of CGNFA, one of our members, Shirley, brought Nita Talavlikar as a guest.  Shirley is anticipating the arrival of a new grandson in the very near future and Nita is the other prospective grandmother and came all the way from India to celebrate the blessed arrival.  Guild members were all excited to see Nita bring all the stitched gifts she had made and brought along for the little one.

I would like to pass on one of the delightful stories that Nita shared with us.  While one of the baby quilts she made was displayed, Nita explained to us that inside it was the nine yards of fabric from one of her cotton saris.  Although the majority of saris are made from synthetic fabrics now, cotton is known for more warmth.  Nita told us that the custom of padding the baby quilt in this way ensured that the baby would be warmed by his grandmother's love. 

Nita Talevlikar was an appreciated guest

one of the baby quilts Nita created

The upcoming celebrations of National Stitch in Public Day on September 27th gives all of us the opportunity to share stitching stories with others.  I hope that everyone taking part in this larger Show n' Tell will discover many new stitching friends!

Some complex designs merit sharing during the process
and not just when completed!

 Jeanette's three year old daughter is now taking
her first embroidery stitches with Mom's help

a closer look at Jeanette's baby quilt

prolific quilter, Linda Slater, made this quilt as a wedding gift
after the bride requested black and white as colour choices

Linda added red to the mix for this second quilt

Kerry Leslie


  1. Nicely captured Kerry! Show and tell is one of my favourite parts of guild meetings as well!

  2. The work you ladies have for show and tell looks lovely. Jenny does such wonderful creations and it is always inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us.


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