I have to start with a special request as EAC Membership Director.  Please when you have a mailing address change or e-mail address change, let me know at membership@eac.ca.  Our Membership database is used as the mailing list for the EC magazine and I have a number of magazines returned each issue as undeliverable.  This results in time for me trying to track you down to get the new address and in additional costs as we now have to pay to mail your magazine twice.  For National members especially, it is also nice if we have an e-mail for you as it gives an easy contact option for the Regional Directors for sending out newsletters or information bulletins.

Now on to the fun stuff.  I used to live in Brighton, Ontario.  We moved from there in 1995, but I do have a sister who still lives there, so try to get back to visit at least once a year.  Several times over the years I have noticed advertising for a stitching store in Brighton, but always forgot to note the address down for my next visit.  Not so this time.  I finally found it!  It is called Knowledge and Needles.  Now I am sure all stitchers from the area are aware of the store, but for those of you just visiting or passing through, it is a must see!  I of course managed to find some fabric and patterns, then after some serious thought made a second trip to greatly enhance my thread stash with a whole stack of Carries Creations.  What a great find.  I will definitely go back every time I am in the area.  She does mail order too, so make sure you Google her.

I really did not need to find a new store to shop in.  We here on the central part of Vancouver Island are lucky to have 2 very good stitching stores within an hours drive.  Just down the road from us in Royston is Judy in the NeedleLoft and in Nanaimo is Dione in the Stitcher’s Muse.  Both stores have a great selection for the stitcher and they carry a varied selection so that it is not a hardship to go to both stores on the same day.  You are bound to find something different calling to you in each.

Happy stitching to you all and please share any stitching stores you have in your area.  We are often travelling and nothing relaxes your weary bones more after a day of travelling than shopping in a stitching store!

Kathy Taylor

This year I had the privilege of attending Creativ Festival in Toronto and teaching some classes on behalf of Embroiderers’ Association of Canada.

Creativ Festival was celebrating their silver anniversary – 25 years.  To honour such a large milestone, they held a Designer Style Challenge.

Congratulations to four EAC members who won awards!!

Following is information from the Creativ Festival webpage to describe this challenging contest.  They described it at Canada's search for outstanding original designs - a mixed media challenge with awards of distinction.
There were awards of over $20,000 in cash & prizes:  8 - $1,000 Cash Awards, Swarovski Crystal Trophies & more.  The Challenge was to create an original mixed media work of art.  They were searching for the best in Canada.  The theme was "Celebration" with a touch of silver for their 25th silver anniversary and 8 different categories: quilting, beadwork & jewellery design, needle art, knitting/crochet, fashion sewing & design, fibre art/surface design, paper art and upcycling.

The Judging Criteria included inspiration and creativity, craftsmanship and quality, intricacy and complexity of the design, innovative use and diversity of materials and finishing.

Creativ Festival hosted a gala evening where the winners of the Designer Style Challenge were announced and presented with prizes.

In the Fibre Art / Surface Design, sponsored by H.A. Kidd and Company Limited www.hakidd.com, the entrants were required to create an original design made of textiles such as fabric, yarn and natural and/or synthetic fibres that are neither a fashion garment nor quilt with 3 layers - back, batting and top.  The entries would include but are not limited to works of art, handbags, accessories, 3 dimensional pieces, pillows and other home décor items.  This category included felted items that are not garments.

1st prize was awarded to our President, Joyce Gill from Cornwall, PEI for her entry named Big Al & the Heart Felts.  What a spectacular piece of art!

2nd prize was awarded to our Past President, Sue Thomas from Lakewood, ON for her piece - Foiled Again Clutch Purse.  A truly elegant purse to accessorize for a “dress up” occasion.

In the Needle Art category, sponsored by A Needle Pulling Thread magazine , the entrants were to create an original design stitched by hand (i.e. crewel, needle point, cross stitch, blackwork, etc.), anything other than wearables or quilts and the finishing of the piece could be done by hand or machine.

3rd prize was awarded to Kim Beamish from Severn Bridge, ON for her piece - Celebration Fan.  Beautiful design and beautiful stitchery!

Also under the Needle Arts category, a Special Recognition Award was won by Marie-Renée Otis from Bai St. Paul, QC for her piece entitled The Weight of Wealth Framed Jewelled & Embroidered Face.  A very stunning piece.

What outstanding creations from our members!  I was very proud to be part of the audience at the Gala and watch them receive these prestigious awards.  Congratulations to these four ladies for accepting the challenge and being award winners.  I hope that we can encourage each one of them to write something about their creation and/or creative process in a future edition.

If you want to see the names of all the award winners, visit Creativ Festival’s webpage at http://csnf.com/blog/, and to see all the entries, visit http://csnf.com/blog/2012/09/designer-style-challenge-peoples-choice-voting-gallery/

Carol Storie

The photographs below show the winners with their pieces, and were kindly taken by 
Lisa Carlin.


I am happy to report that the Seminar 2013 committees are busy putting the finishing touches on plans for “Branching Out”, celebrating EAC’s 40th Anniversary.

We thought it would be a great idea to have a free give away for the month of October!

We are so proud of all of the Fund Raisers our talented WEG designers have prepared.  At this time we would like to focus on the Seminar Calendar.  From start to finish, it has been a labour of love.

As a sample, I would like to highlight a few of the monthly projects in the Calendar by including these photos:

Front Cover of the Calendar

February: - Kathryn Drummond (Designer) - Ruby Anniversary Sampler                                                                              This matches  with the Fund Raising kit  - Ruby Anniversary Smalls

             (April) - Carolyn Mitchell  (Designer) -Ruby Times

             May)  - Anne Wallbridge, Sandra Toyne, Elizabeth Bonnett  (Designers)
(Adapted by Helen Bartel)   – Branching Out 2013 Logo

              (July) – Kit Gates -  (designer)  - Maple Leaf Ornaments and Earrings

            (August)  - Lorrie Storr - (designer)  - Canada Darner

As a special promotion for Blog readers, one lucky winner will receive a free Seminar Calendar!  To be eligible to enter your name in the draw for this great prize, just write a comment about one of the following:

1.              a memorable experience you had at a Seminar you have attended;
2.              your thoughts on the Calendar; or
3.              why you would like to win a copy of the Calendar.

This draw is open to all members and non-members of EAC.  If you already have a Calendar,  enter anyway.  This would make a fun gift for a “stitchy” friend or could be used in a draw at your Guild. Please also ask your friends to participate also.  Include a way we can identify you in your comment.

We will announce the winner in the October 31, 2012 blog.
Good luck, and remember, if you don’t win this beautiful Calendar, they are available for purchase from the EAC website!

Beryl Burnett
Seminar Committee Chairperson 

I'm posting this blog earlier than usual because I'm off to Toronto for the Creativ Festival in the morning.

Creativ Festival is always a great time, but this year, it has the added excitement of the Silver Anniversary Challenge.  I am really looking forward to seeing all the pieces that the judges have chosen in the eight different categories.  You can see the pieces for the People's Choice award by clicking here.

EAC will again have a booth showcasing many exquisite works by our members.  If you live in the Toronto area, think about visiting Creativ Festival at the Metro Centre.  Be sure to stop in at EAC's booth.

I returned from my reunion visit to England last week, where I had a great time catching up with family and my nursing colleagues.  While I did not get to visit any needlework stores, I did find (and buy, of course) a super book: Art in Felt and Stitch by Moy MacKay.  It shows how to compose and wet felt  landscapes or still life.  There are very clear guidelines and wonderful examples of Moy's own work.  Anybody with any interest in wool fibres will not be able to resist this book.  I'm sure my stash holds everything I need to start creating - all I have to do is set aside a day for play and experimentation.

You may have noticed a few new names among our blog contributors. The list is expanding, and we now have new and former board members, board appointees, and (to date) one EAC member contributing to the blog. We'd like to expand the list even further, so please think about being an occasional contributor.  We all bring a slightly different "take" to the blog pages, so why not share your passion for creative stitching with the rest of us?  Contact me so we can set this up. pastpres@eac.ca

Sue Thomas

Last week we had our first Chapter meeting for the year. Although there had been discussions at the weekly stitchins, nothing had been ‘formally’ presented and discussed.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Last spring when I returned from Seminar with the fund raisers for the Winnipeg Seminar, there was much discussion around the various pieces. (I had all but the pattern for ‘Manitoba Memories’ to show my friends). To say that everyone was very impressed with the items would be an understatement.

Many of us have purchased or ordered the calendar; (we all need one) and it is not only functional and attractive but patterns too!! talk about possibilities! (would make The Perfect gift for the stitcher in your life or anyone who ‘has everything’) We have decided that the shape of the ornament for our Christmas exchange will be mittens, there will probably be some modifications of patterns from the calendar stitched on some.. the possibilities for applications are limited only by imagination. Check Sue Thomas’ blog for June 28th.. she is shown stitching the July pattern and check August 3rd for the finished products. The projects in the calendar are all small and so would be the perfect carry along to stitch on while waiting in lines (I wonder how this would work while sitting in traffic?…)

There is something for every skill level, either as a full kit, partial kit or pattern only. Christmas is coming… so let the people in your life know what you would like to have, or better yet, treat yourself. I purchased a calendar, and two of the partial kits as gifts for friends.  And on the subject of Christmas… I plan on stitching the canvas work polar bear for my husband who visited with them in Churchill a couple of years ago.. and is planning a return trip. This piece is not very large so those who are running out of space to display their stitching should be able to find a spot for this piece.

In her September 7th post Linda Brenner shared with us her acquisition of new shelving.. and her ongoing project of getting things organized so she can quickly locate her projects and supplies. I replied to that post indicating I had to empty most of the things in the small bedroom I had converted to a sewing/stitching room for myself, in preparation for our 15 month old grand daughter’s visit. Since the room has been pretty well emptied out, I thought it would be a good idea to paint the room before I slowly put things back, sorting as I proceed. Hopefully I too will be able to easily locate what I am looking for. With organizing space in mind… what organizing tips work for you in organizing your books, magazines and stash? Don’t be shy, I am sure I am not the only one who will be looking for ways to increase efficiency in how I use the space in the relatively small room. 

Monday is Thanksgiving Day, as we share the day with family and friends and reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for, I am sure we will all spend a few minutes reflecting on how much richer our lives are because we are stitchers and share a part of our lives with others who enjoy this creative outlet.

Until the next time, 
Happy Stitching

Marie Cron

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