Last week we had our first Chapter meeting for the year. Although there had been discussions at the weekly stitchins, nothing had been ‘formally’ presented and discussed.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Last spring when I returned from Seminar with the fund raisers for the Winnipeg Seminar, there was much discussion around the various pieces. (I had all but the pattern for ‘Manitoba Memories’ to show my friends). To say that everyone was very impressed with the items would be an understatement.

Many of us have purchased or ordered the calendar; (we all need one) and it is not only functional and attractive but patterns too!! talk about possibilities! (would make The Perfect gift for the stitcher in your life or anyone who ‘has everything’) We have decided that the shape of the ornament for our Christmas exchange will be mittens, there will probably be some modifications of patterns from the calendar stitched on some.. the possibilities for applications are limited only by imagination. Check Sue Thomas’ blog for June 28th.. she is shown stitching the July pattern and check August 3rd for the finished products. The projects in the calendar are all small and so would be the perfect carry along to stitch on while waiting in lines (I wonder how this would work while sitting in traffic?…)

There is something for every skill level, either as a full kit, partial kit or pattern only. Christmas is coming… so let the people in your life know what you would like to have, or better yet, treat yourself. I purchased a calendar, and two of the partial kits as gifts for friends.  And on the subject of Christmas… I plan on stitching the canvas work polar bear for my husband who visited with them in Churchill a couple of years ago.. and is planning a return trip. This piece is not very large so those who are running out of space to display their stitching should be able to find a spot for this piece.

In her September 7th post Linda Brenner shared with us her acquisition of new shelving.. and her ongoing project of getting things organized so she can quickly locate her projects and supplies. I replied to that post indicating I had to empty most of the things in the small bedroom I had converted to a sewing/stitching room for myself, in preparation for our 15 month old grand daughter’s visit. Since the room has been pretty well emptied out, I thought it would be a good idea to paint the room before I slowly put things back, sorting as I proceed. Hopefully I too will be able to easily locate what I am looking for. With organizing space in mind… what organizing tips work for you in organizing your books, magazines and stash? Don’t be shy, I am sure I am not the only one who will be looking for ways to increase efficiency in how I use the space in the relatively small room. 

Monday is Thanksgiving Day, as we share the day with family and friends and reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for, I am sure we will all spend a few minutes reflecting on how much richer our lives are because we are stitchers and share a part of our lives with others who enjoy this creative outlet.

Until the next time, 
Happy Stitching

Marie Cron

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  1. That is such a nice write up on the Seminar 2013 Fundraisers. I hope you will share your Christmas Exchange Mittens upon completion with all of us.
    Organizing the Stash--I have 2 new Treasures, in the form of Thread Cabinets that has helped me organize all my threads. Ross (Hubby) is a man who loves to make things with wood and as a result he made me these cabinets.I have finally been able to organize all my DMC Cotton as well as the Silk, Over dyes, Gold work and Specialty threads.


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