I have to start with a special request as EAC Membership Director.  Please when you have a mailing address change or e-mail address change, let me know at membership@eac.ca.  Our Membership database is used as the mailing list for the EC magazine and I have a number of magazines returned each issue as undeliverable.  This results in time for me trying to track you down to get the new address and in additional costs as we now have to pay to mail your magazine twice.  For National members especially, it is also nice if we have an e-mail for you as it gives an easy contact option for the Regional Directors for sending out newsletters or information bulletins.

Now on to the fun stuff.  I used to live in Brighton, Ontario.  We moved from there in 1995, but I do have a sister who still lives there, so try to get back to visit at least once a year.  Several times over the years I have noticed advertising for a stitching store in Brighton, but always forgot to note the address down for my next visit.  Not so this time.  I finally found it!  It is called Knowledge and Needles.  Now I am sure all stitchers from the area are aware of the store, but for those of you just visiting or passing through, it is a must see!  I of course managed to find some fabric and patterns, then after some serious thought made a second trip to greatly enhance my thread stash with a whole stack of Carries Creations.  What a great find.  I will definitely go back every time I am in the area.  She does mail order too, so make sure you Google her.

I really did not need to find a new store to shop in.  We here on the central part of Vancouver Island are lucky to have 2 very good stitching stores within an hours drive.  Just down the road from us in Royston is Judy in the NeedleLoft and in Nanaimo is Dione in the Stitcher’s Muse.  Both stores have a great selection for the stitcher and they carry a varied selection so that it is not a hardship to go to both stores on the same day.  You are bound to find something different calling to you in each.

Happy stitching to you all and please share any stitching stores you have in your area.  We are often travelling and nothing relaxes your weary bones more after a day of travelling than shopping in a stitching store!

Kathy Taylor


  1. Great to know about the needlework store in Brighton,that is not far from me. I may have to go and check it out!

    Sue Thomas

  2. Hopefully when I am in the area I will also get a chance to drop by "Knowledge and Needles" store. Sounds very tempting and lots of fun

  3. Just an hourWest of Kingston... might be worth a detour when I go to Ottawa for a few days next winter... although they carry a goodly supply in their shop, we only have Because You Count in Moncton.. always on the look out for shops that can easily be visited... thanks for sharing Kathy


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