As any of you who deal with Canada Post know,  our postage rates rise every year.  The largest expense membership-wise for EAC is the cost of postage.  Every time someone pays their membership, I was sending them a membership card,  many of which were put somewhere and never seen again.  What was proposed and passed at the Fall Board meeting was that we no longer mail out membership cards.  Your membership number and expiry date are on the cover of your EC magazine,  so you will know that your membership has been paid and you will have a record of your membership number in case you have any questions.  I will continue to e-mail payment confirmation letters out to Guild Membership Chairs and to National members who have e-mail addresses.  Payment confirmation letters will be snail-mailed to National members who do not have e-mail addresses.  Your Board continues to look at ways to decrease costs and I believe this is one that not only makes sense cost-wise but will also lessen the time commitment for the Membership Director. Please see the November 26 blog posting for clarification.

And now to the fun!  Christmas is coming.  Remember to give yourself a gift and start a new project Christmas Day,  whether it is something that has been sitting around waiting for you to start it or a new project all together.   I know many of you feel up to your armpits in projects already, but start something fresh anyway,  even if you can only work on it for a day for now.  You will be surprised at how great it feels to sit down after the hectic build up to Christmas with a project for you.  It makes me smile just to think of it.  It is even fun to wade through the prospective projects to decide which one you are going to start and to get your supplies ready.  I made my list last night of supplies I need to start my new project, Dragon Dreams ‘Not Forgotten’.  I know it will end up in my UFO pile for a while as I have several birth and wedding projects on the go, but I am enjoying the anticipation of starting it and will have fun with it Christmas Day…and maybe even all Christmas week if I am really good. 

Kathy Taylor 

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  1. I love the idea of a new project Christmas Day, Kathy! I think I will start Winter Wonderland - a gift I already gave myself, lol.


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