Much has been written about the camaraderie of gathering with like minded individuals and sharing time doing what we all love… needlework in all its many forms. As we meet to stitch we share not only our love of the Needlearts but also our progress on the project we are working on, whether it is the group project or one that we are working on individually. These are truly the moments of sharing and bonding that comes with spending time with others who enjoy the same things.

December 1st is knocking on the door .. arriving tomorrow. Many begin to seriously think about Christmas when December arrives, along with beginning to play Christmas music and decorate their homes. As I unpack my various decorations and ornaments, my thoughts wonder back in time to when I acquired the different ones.. who gave it to me .. or what motivated me to make it. … it truly is a time when I take a trip down memory lane.  I think fondly of the many people I have been fortunate enough to work with and with whom I exchanged gifts each year. Some searched craft shows for something unique to add to my collection,  others stitched their gifts for me, each is precious in its own special way and I am reminded of the full life I have been privileged to live.  This coming Tuesday we will have our annual Christmas lunch and ornament exchange. This year’s shape is a mitten, I am sure that they will all be wonderful and different and will be one more memory when I unpack it in coming years.

Here in Nova Scotia, as we meet each week to stitch, we are in our own little bubble without the many cares and concerns so many in other parts of the world are experiencing.  Our primary concerns are not made of thoughts of finding a safe place when the sirens/alarms go off, wondering when the bombing will end or worrying about being ‘caught’ learning to read and write. The US and Japan have both recently celebrated their Thanksgiving and the Christmas season is quickly approaching; in this window of time we are reminded once again that we Do indeed have so very much to be grateful for.

As you put the finishing touches on gifts, stitch something for yourself, or just work on one of your projects, take a minute to recognize that the time spent stitching is a gift we give to ourselves. Be thankful that we have the freedom to make the decisions we make and to enjoy the company of those we choose to spend our time with.

From my home to yours.. I wish you a wonderful December with just enough stress to keep you on your toes… but not so much that you are not able to enjoy the anticipation of waiting for Christmas followed by preparations to greet the New Year. Don’t forget to take a bit of time for yourself, to stitch or just be in the moment enjoying all that the Christmas season brings to your life.

Best wishes for the coming year
Marie Cron


  1. Thank you for sharing you thoughts, We are fortunate to live in a safe country such as Canada. Take care and wishing you a happy and safe holiday.

  2. Thank you for your lovely post Marie. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2013.


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