Sorry for any confusion or concern spurned by my last blog entry which I submitted with incomplete information.  Thank you to our sharp eyed readers for picking up my omission.  

The membership cards are not disappearing altogether.  As indicated in an e-mail sent to all Chapter Membership Chairs, I will continue to e-mail the membership cards to them to print out as required.  The issue of membership cards for National members will be worked out in a manner which works best for them.  The ones with e-mail addresses will be contacted as required to see if they  would like a card or not.  National members without e-mail will be sent a membership card.

Kathy Taylor

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  1. When I first read Kathy's blog last Friday, what immediately struck me was that the Board has once again examined each and every expense item to determine whether there may be savings if there was a process change for that item. You will recall that a call went out to the membership for ways the Association could make changes which would result in cost savings; these were to be discussed at the past Board meeting. Expenses have a way of increasing and our membership numbers have been more or less stable.

    I have been pondering the change as Kathy posted last Friday... not exactly sure how best to reply but I felt I wanted to reply, not so much from the perspective of a member but as an immediate past Board member.

    I now note that there has been an additional post... it seems the changes will be minimal for us as members; the membership chairs for each Chapter will be printing the cards, which is not a lot for each Chapter to bear, but will significantly reduce the costs previously associated with them being sent via postal service.

    This brings me to commenting on budget deliberations over the course of the four years I served EAC as Secretary. Each member examined their own expenses, looking for savings. In my experience, the monitary savings also resulted in time saving for the Secretary when the change was made from having copies of the many documents and minutes made, collated, prepared for mailing and then a trip to the post office made.. to sending all documents/minutes electronically.

    Knowing the number of hours the Membership Director spends on her job, hopefully the changes implemented over the past year or so will result in a lighter workload for her. [did you know that the workload has been 30-40 hours per week for the majority of the weeks of the year?!!]

    These past few years have not been easy for EAC, however with everyone working as a whole to look at each budget item with a view of fiscal efficiency, there have been various strategies implemented to cut costs. Many of these have not been significant individually, but collectively they have added up. Be assured that Your Board strives for good stewardship of Your money in all aspects of its operations.


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