I am writing this blog on Boxing Day 2012.  Today I did not stitch a Christmas gift, but I did yesterday.  It is a crazy time of year for many reasons.  For stitchers it’s a time to stitch festive decorations and stitch gifts to give.  With stitching we never know exactly how long it will take to complete a project.  I think most stitchers try not to plan too much.  There are only so many hours in a day and at this time of year there are many other distractions and responsibilities we have that call us away from our stitching plans.  I usually make jewelry items for friends and family.  This year I added beaded Christmas ball ornaments as gifts.  They were fun to do and turned out nice but they did take time.  Something we rarely have enough of at this time of year.

At Toronto Guild of Stitchery Day Group Christmas meeting we had a special visitor, Mrs. Claus (played by Cathy Cormier who travels from Barrie Ontario to attend our guild).  Mrs. Claus did an incredible job of passing out cookies and adding a wonderful personal touch to welcoming each person in our gift exchange.  This year we had the gentle sounds of beautiful Christmas music performed by Karen Doak on piano.

I also attended our Evening Group with all the tastes and smells of an extraordinary Christmas potluck dinner, lovely poetry reading and handmade gift exchange. 
Well I had a great Christmas as I hope you did too and I can give a sigh of relief that the Christmas rush is over for another year.  But boy it was a fun ride!

£Lisa Carlin


  1. Lovely post and pictures Lisa. The beaded Christmas balls you made look terrific and must have been lovely gifts to make and receive. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Making Christmas gifts is so personal and special,but you are very right ,they usually take more time than we allowed ! I thought I should start on next years right now, a good idea but I probably won't.
    The Toronto Guild Christmas events look like they were fun and I love your beaded Christmas balls.

    Sue Thomas

  3. Love those Christmas balls that you made. They are beautiful.I love this time of year.


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