Two deadlines for EAC are approaching, but are far enough away that you can still participate.

The annual ATC Exchange deadline is March 15 - lots of time to complete one or two of these cards.  I love making them, but I enjoy receiving them even more; I also enjoy the little notes I get from those who have received cards from me.  Meeting stitchers at Seminar from whom I've received cards is also fun.

The Anniversary Postcard Challenge has an April 1 deadline.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the entries in this challenge.  That April 1 deadline leaves plenty of time for your entry to be completed.  If you're a lover of memorabilia, this is the challenge for you because the prizes are true EAC collector items.  I'm making a box for EAC to store the postcards in, and wouldn't mind at all if I had to make two!

Today, I received confirmation of my classes for Seminar 2013.  Although I din't get my first choices, I'm delighted with the classes I will be part of.  Now, I need to figure out meal plans and accommodation.

Are you still on the fence? Can't decide whether or not to attend our anniversary seminar?  There's still time to register.  Just check the website to see which classes are full (or cancelled).  Beryl tells me that all registrations are good until a notice appears on the website that registrations are closed.

Make time for stitching every day, and you can have some ATC's completed, as well as a postcard.

Sue Thomas

I certainly have gotten hooked on stitching artist trading cards.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with atc's, they are miniature works of art 2 1/2 x 3 1/2" that are made in whatever medium one chooses and then exchanged. The first atc I made was the the white flower one on the right hand side inspired by Georgia O'Keefe's White Flower painting.  I know that atc's are meant to be traded but I was so pleased with my first atc attempt that I couldn't part with it.

With the EAC atc swap coming up in March I decided to stitch a few owl themed ones and practice a bit of free motion machine sewing. 

I love the creativity and play one has in making atc's and the fact that they don't take long to finish.

I had to try a couple of face atc's and had more fun with free motion machine sewing.  

I also joined this year's Great Canadian ATC Exchange and made a few landscape atc's to swap.

After taking Margaret Beal's excellent fusing class at the EAC Seminar 2010 in Regina, I learned to really enjoy playing with a soldering iron and fusing fabric.  I did a bit of fusing and stitching on atc #'s: 1-3 and #4 was made after taking a silk paper making class.

Have fun stitching!
Jeannette Luther

I am working on a painted canvas done by the artist Charlie Harper. The raccoon is a delight but I was worried about how to make the corn cob appear the way that the artist painted it.
Here is the stitch that I came up with.

Step #1  Lay 4 strands of Gloriana (red lines )
Step # 2 Couch the 4 strands with 2 strands of Gloriana ( blue lines )
Step # 3  Lay 1 strand of vintage silk and couch
with one strand of Gloriana ( green line )
Continue in pattern to fill space.

The threads are: Gloriana, Spring Green 099; Vintage silk, Jet black

Carolyn Beacroft

I have to confess - I'm a Bibliophile. Sounds dangerous, even contagious, but I love to spread it around. Yes, I love books, especially needlework books. Announcements of the introduction of a new book on Stumpwork or Whitework embroidery make my fingers itch and haunt me till I check out the reviews to see if I must add them to my library.

Then there are the older books that I come across in my browsing through second-hand book shops, or the list of culls from the EAC Library ... you mean you haven't heard!! On January 1st a list of these books was added to the EAC Members' Only Website. What a great way to enhance your library!! They're very inexpensive and shipping costs can be avoided by picking them up at Seminar in Winnipeg. To get a better look at any book just put the main words and the author into your browser and have a look at what comes up. Then order any that appeal to you through our Librarian, Isla Marsh ( Have fun!!


On another topic, ... now is the time for New Year's Resolutions. Often Life gets in the way so we can't accomplish what we set out to do, but that doesn't mean we can't look at some goals:

Make time for yourself- Give yourself permission to stitch a bit each day, or week, or whatever works for you. Be happy with your own accomplishments.

Share the hobby- Let others know about needlework, by displaying your work or offering to teach. Possibly stitch something for charity.

Get organized- There's nothing as frustrating as wasting time looking for something. Really try to find a workable system!

Purge your collection- Decide which patterns you probably will never stitch and which UFO's will never be finished. Pass them on to others.

Learn something new- If you've been wanting to try a new technique or stitch, the time was never better than now.

Happy New Year everyone,
Joyce G.

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