The Winnipeg Embroiderers' Guild and the Seminar 2013 Planning Committee are busy putting the finishing touches on "Branching Out", Seminar 2013.  Arrangements are coming together nicely and we hope everyone will be pleased with our plans!

Our organizing committee has been busy for the last several years and, as with previous Seminars, we are anxious to see our labours come to fruition!  It is great to have everyone working together for a common goal.

Registration remains open and there are still excellent class choices available.  Free day activities also have openings.  We hope that, if you are still thinking about joining us, you will submit your registration soon.  I know you will not be disappointed.

The Members' Show is looking for participants in all categories of the exhibit.  This year, as a special, 40th-Anniversary treat, we have invited past winners of various awards to display their winning pieces.  If you have won an EAC award in the past, this will not only give you an opportunity to display your piece, but it will give all Seminar attendees and the Winnipeg public a chance to see some of the wonderful work our members are producing.  We also hope that EC Magazine will feature pictures for all EAC members to enjoy.  So many of us have not had the opportunity to view these pieces. If you are interested and can contribute, please contact  for further information, or check out the Seminar brochure (elsewhere on this site or in the September issue of EC Magazine) for details.

The Seminar Committee is also looking for volunteers to donate some time to assist with the Members' Show as well as at Seminar Central. If you would like to help, please e-mail us at

As this is EAC's 40th Anniversary, we plan to make it a very memorable one.  Hope to see you at Seminar 2013 in Winnipeg in the glorious month of May!

Beryl Burnett
Seminar Chairperson 2013

February will be more than half over by the time you read this, and that is good for those of us who are not loving the horrible cold and short days. 

Did you know that February 8th is the day of Hari-Kuyo: Festival of Broken Needles. On this day Japanese tailors and Kimono makers take time to give thanks to the needles that have served them but no longer have useful life left.  They gather their worn and broken needles and gather at Shinto Shrines or Buddhist Temples to give thanks for the service these objects have provided and to reflect on the past stitching year.

There is the belief that as we stitch our cares are transferred to our needles/tools freeing us from the worries we carry. We know how restful stitching can be when we immerse ourselves in our work, freeing our minds from the everyday and focusing on the repetitive nature of stitching. I have felt it and I am sure you have as well.

If you want to read more about Hari-Kuyo, just Google ‘Hari-Kuyo’, and you will find many sites featuring events that have been held in the past.
You can also Google ‘Plays with Needles’ and you can read a blog entry by Susan Elliott, about Hari-Kuyo. While you are on her site, check out the other blog entries .. they are well worth reading.

February.. longer days. Have you noticed that when dusk falls, it is lasting longer? I recently spent two days driving east and the lengthening dusk was so very noticeable. The first day was a clear day and as the sun sank lower in the western sky the blue on the horizon deepened from blues to the dark night sky, the colours were so vivid as they changed from moment to moment. The second day was cloudy but the clouds were light with blues in the clouds where the breaks in the clouds reflected the blue of sky to the undersides of the clouds. As the sun sunk deeper into the sky the blues darkened to grays and then to the night sky. Watching the colours in the skies as I drove along coupled with the shadows where the snow had drifted along the sides of the road was peaceful and also inspirational. Perhaps some of this will find its way to an ATC.. deadline for this year is March 15th (check EAC web site or the latest issue of Embroidery Canada for mailing details)

Now that I am home again.. it is time to put the finishing touches on my ‘new’ sewing/stitching room. More about that later.

Before I sign off for this time, I want to encourage all of you to give some thought to letting your name stand for nomination for the Board. It will be an experience you will enjoy, never forget and which will enrich your life with new friendships, a heightened awareness of all that EAC has to offer. Give it a bit of thought.. and if it can fit your life.. then >> ‘why not’? If you have questions or are interested contact the Sue Thomas, Past President, with your questions or expression of interest.

It is not too late to register for Seminar… hope to see you there… all for now.


I’m really looking forward to Seminar this year for a few reasons. I just received confirmation of my classes and I’m thrilled that I got my first choice. No matter which choice we get though, I’m sure that we will learn something new and meet new stitching friends. Seminar is a chance to devote ourselves completely to our highly addictive stitching passion. As your newest Atlantic Central Regional Director, I’m also looking forward to meeting more of the members of EAC – both guild members as well as national members.

When I learned that we would have 11 members of our guild at Seminar in Winnipeg, I thought that we should do something special for the occasion. I asked one of our members to come up with a design for a pin that we could all stitch. The pin needed to celebrate EAC’s 40th anniversary and also identify all of us as members of the LCSG.

I’m happy to report that the prototype is done, the kits are ready and stitching will start soon. Our members are enthusiastic about the chance to do something special. I’m not going to show you the design, but we are using both Ruby Anniversary Red and EAC Blue in our design. Fortunately for us, blue is also one of our guild colours, so this fits in nicely to the design.

Now for my challenge and it has two parts:
1.     See if you can find all 11 of us wearing our pins
2.     If you have several people attending from your guild, why not design and wear something that shows your guild colours and celebrates EAC’s special anniversary.
If you do decide to come up with something special for you guild, share it with the rest of us in a future EAC blog.

I’m looking forward to getting started on my pin soon.

June Barry
Atlantic Central Regional Director

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