I’m really looking forward to Seminar this year for a few reasons. I just received confirmation of my classes and I’m thrilled that I got my first choice. No matter which choice we get though, I’m sure that we will learn something new and meet new stitching friends. Seminar is a chance to devote ourselves completely to our highly addictive stitching passion. As your newest Atlantic Central Regional Director, I’m also looking forward to meeting more of the members of EAC – both guild members as well as national members.

When I learned that we would have 11 members of our guild at Seminar in Winnipeg, I thought that we should do something special for the occasion. I asked one of our members to come up with a design for a pin that we could all stitch. The pin needed to celebrate EAC’s 40th anniversary and also identify all of us as members of the LCSG.

I’m happy to report that the prototype is done, the kits are ready and stitching will start soon. Our members are enthusiastic about the chance to do something special. I’m not going to show you the design, but we are using both Ruby Anniversary Red and EAC Blue in our design. Fortunately for us, blue is also one of our guild colours, so this fits in nicely to the design.

Now for my challenge and it has two parts:
1.     See if you can find all 11 of us wearing our pins
2.     If you have several people attending from your guild, why not design and wear something that shows your guild colours and celebrates EAC’s special anniversary.
If you do decide to come up with something special for you guild, share it with the rest of us in a future EAC blog.

I’m looking forward to getting started on my pin soon.

June Barry
Atlantic Central Regional Director


  1. What a wonderful idea June!! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in Winnipeg.

  2. A neat idea! I'll be looking for your pins :)

  3. So glad to hear how many are attending from your Guild.That's great. I can't wait to see the stitched pieces that will be done for the 40th Anniversary. Looking forward to seeing you in May


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