At the last meeting of the Regina Stitchery Guild, one of our lovely members brought a neat piece of Tyvek along that she had painted and heated that looked so neat!  I knew that Tyvek was used as a house wrap to act as a water barrier but I hadn't heard of Tyvek being used for art.  I was immediately intrigued and when I mentioned it to my husband he brought out a roll of it that he had in the garage.  Here is one of the pieces that I took to play with:

I painted it with blue metallic paint, let it dry and then put it between two pieces of wax paper to iron.  It certainly didn't take long to melt and get some lovely holes.

I painted a few other small pieces and experimented with ironing them onto different kinds of fabric.  This piece I ironed onto a handiwipe that I had painted awhile ago.  I thought the colours of it worked well for an underwater scene and stitched an artist trading card out of it.

I then cut pieces of the painted and melted Tyvek into shapes and made this peacock atc:

I'm currently stitching another peacock atc on this piece of Tyvek that I had painted with gold metallic acrylic paint with added green shiny sprinkle:

I'd like to make something a bit bigger with my next Tyvek painted piece.  Not sure what at this point but the ideas are percolating :)

I also wanted to share with you my Tanja Berlin Iris Needlepainted piece that I had posted about last time that is now finished!  Yeah - it's a good feeling :)

And finally here are a few chicks with wonky and too big pipe cleaner legs for our Easter table.  Happy Easter everyone :)

Jeannette Luther


  1. Jeanette, Your Iris is beautiful it is a good feeling when a big project is actually completed. I have been cleaning up my studio and came across several pieces of Tyvek that I had planned to play with. You may have inspired me to do something!

    1. Thanks Sue! Would love to see what you make with Tyvek :)

  2. I have never heard of Tyvek, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun.Have to investigate.
    Finished projects are always a great feeling. These days I have been lacking that feeling . You have inspired me though.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you very much Beryl. I really had to push myself with the iris some days but it was worth it. Hope you've gotten your stitching groove back :)


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