I’m sure many chapters are a bit apprehensive about hosting an EAC meeting.  There are two opportunities when this might happen – the Fall Board Meeting and the Fall Regional Meetings in eastern and western Canada.

I belong to the Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts (CGNFA) since 1989.  In addition I was the Prairie Pacific Regional Director from June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2012. 

I was approached to join the EAC Board in St. John’s, NL during Seminar 2007 by then Past President, Deb Blackmore.  The Regional Director position suited me as it would give me an opportunity to meet many of the western members and maybe get to know them one-on-one.  What an amazing and fabulous opportunity it was for me and I hope for the PP Chapters and PP National Members I met along the way feel the same way.  Many long lasting friendships were established over my 4-year tenure.

As the PP Regional Director, I attended three (3) fall Board meetings (work commitments prevented me from attending the meeting in PEI), four (4) spring Board meetings/Seminars and attended/chaired four (4) Regional meetings.  I met fabulous hosts, chapter members helping with the meeting logistics, chapter representatives and fellow Board members during these meetings.  As the PP Regional Director, I felt honoured that it was my duty and responsibility to be the spokesperson/liasion for the PP members.  I support sharing information with the PP members and Board and I continue to hear from some of them even since my departure from the EAC Board.

Now let’s discuss opportunities for you and your chapter. 

When CGNFA originally discussed hosting any EAC meetings, we were apprehensive and were not initially very supportive.  When discussing hosting a regional meetingthe CGNFA members were concerned about the cost à  EAC will cover up to $800 of the associated costs to host the meeting; billets, who are these people à fellow stitchers with the same passions as you and me (that’s why we joined EAC.); responsibilities of the billet hosts à be friendly, provide a bed / a few meals, share a laugh or two; general responsibilities of other local members à transport delegates to and from the airport, transport delegates to the meeting location if the billet is unable to do so, make a potluck dish for the Saturday potluck and social, make some goodies for coffee breaks during the meeting, help with cleanup and set-up if required, etc.  In the end, I was very proud and ecstatic when CGNFA agreed to host the Fall PPRM in Calgary in September 2011.  A great job was done by my local chapter and in the end, many said they enjoyed the experience and many felt they had made a new friend from somewhere else in western Canada.

As many of you know CGNFA has agreed to host Seminar in Calgary from May 12 to 17, 2015.  As part of hosting Seminar, Calgary will host the Fall Board meeting November 8 -10, 2013.  Another great opportunity to showcase our fabulous members.  Once again CGNFA will provide billets for Board members, a meeting location, meals and transportation during those two and half days.  EAC does provide some reimbursement for associated costs by the local chapter.  This two and half day event includes a presentation by our Seminar 2015 committee on the classes CGNFA plan to offer during Seminar 2015 (Friday evening 7 – 10pm) and two full days of meetings as organised by the Board.

Your Board representatives, elected or acclaimed, work for the members to develop policies, improve communication, provide support and generally are a fun bunch of individuals dedicated to ensuring the EAC aim (preserve traditional techniques and promote new challenges in the art of embroidery through education and networking) is shared, improved and implemented.  But the Board, Directors and Appointees are all VOLUNTEERS and look to its members for assistance and ideas to continuously grow YOUR organisation.  Let’s ALL help them and actively support them in whatever way we can.  Another opportunity to have fun, give back, meet others, develop friendships, and see other parts of Canada (yes, there is some work involved with being on the Board). 

I thank ALL of the billet hosts who took wonderful care of me during my stay in your city.  I cherish every one of these friendships and most certainly enjoyed seeing my host’s stitched creations lovingly featured throughout their home.  Remember stitching binds us all as it is one of our passions in life and one we all love to share with those sharing that same passion. It was a fabulous opportunity for me and hopefully my host.  Thank you!

So I encourage all chapters to seriously consider hosting a meeting in the future as it is an excellent opportunity to chat with like-minded individuals or bend the ear of a Board member.  If your chapter has hosted a meeting, share your views on the experience.

Guidelines for Hosting a Fall Board Meeting (November 2006)
Regional Policy (November 2011)

Respectfully submitted,
Jennie Wolter, Calgary, AB


  1. You are so right. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends who share a special interest in Needle work. I have met so many wonderful people from across Canada.The W.E.G hosted the board meeting in November of 2011.


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