Most stitchers seem to have things in common and one entertaining trait we share is our inclination to collect stitching tools.  

Some of our tools will have sentimental value such as this brightly coloured needlecase my mother made that I inherited after she passed.  So not my colours but there is not another I treasure more.
The hardanger needlebook was my first attempt at hardanger and one of the first projects I completed after joining EAC approximately 25 years ago.

Some of our collected goodies show where we have been and how we have grown.  These four needlebooks are a clear indication of how I have become obsessed with crazy quilting!

We tend to collect items to add to our hoard – items others have cast off that are purchased enthusiastically by us in thrift stores or garage sales so we can scurry off home with them clutched to our chests protectively.

After awhile, we collect so many stitching treasures that we have several in a theme, like these bonnets or the little potted pincushions.

Some we make for ourselves such as the delightful Souvenir of Saskatchewan.  The kit for this one came from the ladies of the Saskatoon chapter of EAC.

We make these tokens and swap them with each other like this one constructed for me by a friend.  This pinkeep is made from two old CDs.  How ingenious!

These two were both gifts – the heart came from a dear friend in Japan and the pedestal  pincushion was designed to stand tall above the clutter in my sewing area.

We all have favourites though, and this one is mine!  Constructed for me by a friend in Europe, this dear little goblin makes me smile every time I use her.  You might think she is rather ugly but she is blissfully unaware of how unattractive she is and lolls around happily showing off her gold jewelry and her other “gifts”.  How can you not love her?

Kerry Leslie


  1. Kerry,I loved seeing your tool collection. I agree ,I have way too many of these items but each I keep for the person who gave it to me or the time in my life when I made it and I want to remember. I have many such items from my time in Pine Needle Arts Guild in Nipawin .

  2. Quite the collection of wonderful stitched pieces and keepsakes which all have a little story behind them to make them precious. Thanks for sharing Kerry :)


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