I'm going to open up a Hot Topic this week but first I'll give you all some background. The Board of EAC has been working with a chapter who contacted us with a pressing question:

What are the benefits of our chapter being part of EAC?
Now, our first responses were all benefits that apply to every member, whether individual or chapters, and there are lots of them. That will be a topic for another day. Right now we're going to concentrate on groups as member chapters. I'll give you some points that we've come up with and then I want input from all of you at suggestions@eac.ca

Benefits to Chapters to be members of EAC
  • -Individual members with all EAC member benefits.
  • Regional meetings for exchange of ideas, discussion of problems and other networking with sister chapters.
  • Ability to "piggy back" on international teachers who are in Canada for the Seminar, and thus decrease transportation costs for such a teacher
  • Sharing of chapter information on courses and shows via the calendar on the website
  • Chapter sharing of teachers for reduction in travel costs
  • Resources to increase membership such as  sharing of promotional materials for local advertising of "Stitch in Public Day" as well as press notification for national media coverage
  • Sharing in the benefits of increasing the profile of needlework and the artisan community by EAC exhibits at major craft shows such as Creativ Festival and others
  • Retreats and workshops within Canada – other Guilds will often offer up positions on retreats or workshops to members from other Guilds
  • Qualify for EAC course test groups
  • Inclusion in the EAC Liability Insurance plan
  • Opportunity to purchase additional low-cost insurance for chapter holdings, which would include the library and any other assets.

Now, it's your turn to give us some ideas. Comments are appreciated at any time but I'd love to hear from you within the next week.  For this discussion, please concentrate on EAC Chapter benefits and send to suggestions@eac.ca:
1. What benefits does your chapter gain as a chapter of EAC?
2. What more benefits would you like to see come to EAC Chapters?
3. How can chapters cooperate to grow within EAC?
Joyce Gill


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