I got my pre-Seminar package in the mail a couple of days ago. Next I have to gather my supplies, including three sets of stretcher bars, mount the canvas and get started! I really have to work to Not procrastinate on this… so I am not left stitching madly the night before I fly to Winnipeg... and end up with sore hands and thus not enjoy Seminar as much as I otherwise would.

My Artist Trading Cards arrived in Monday’s mail… by now yours should have arrived. I hope you are as pleased with yours as I am with mine. I have included a photo of a few of them. Only one more round of this exchange… so for those of you who have not yet participated, why not check the EAC web site for examples of past cards, check your stash to see what small bits you have to work with and stitch one or a few.

I have continued to pick away at my sorting and organizing, of course that will be work in progress for a bit longer. I am also incorporating some of my mother’s things into mine. Imagine purchasing a package of 6 tapestry 18/22 needles for 10 cents... or paying only 15 cents for 15 embroidery needles! And packaging... What a difference the inside of the packages are from today’s packages. I find that some companies package their needles through a narrow plastic band and it is not particularly easy to get the needles out. The old packages have a piece of fabric/flannel which the needles are placed through, making taking them out much easier, and of course a softer bed for their repose!
I have included a couple of photos of the packages.. and I am sure many of you have some of these in your supplies too!

Another ‘treasure’ that I have to find a place for, is a box that chocolates came in over 100 years ago, which had belonged to my grandmother. My 90 year old aunt who recently moved from the house she grew up in, gave it to me along with some other things. It is far too pretty to put away out of sight, but I don’t want it to fade... so the challenge will be to find a spot where I can see it but it will be shaded from too much light. The inside of the box is covered with the same background fabric that the outside of the box is covered in. 

Only a month and a couple of days to go before Seminar… I guess I had best get busy gathering my supplies and move on to my pre-Seminar stitching.

Until the next time…
Happy Stitching
Marie Cron 


  1. Great blog Marie,
    Have you thought about framing some of your mothers needles in the original packages? They would look great on the wall in a studio.

  2. Yes the Seminar is fast approaching. We are so excited and are quite busy putting the final touches to everything . Now we need Spring to arrive with all its splendor.
    The trading cards look beautiful and I also like the comment Sue had on preserving the needles/packages. That would be very interesting to see.

  3. Thanks for the idea Sue, I had not thought of that.. but it would be a good way to preserve them.. and get to enjoy them.. right now they are in a box out of sight and the elements. Marie

  4. A lovely post Marie. I'm looking forward to receiving my pre-Seminar package in the mail and hope to get started on it right away too. I also received my lovely pkg of atc's but haven't taken a picture of them yet. Be nice to meet you in Winnipeg :)


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