Imagine an embroidery project that begins with an envelope filled with treasures:
small brown speckled feathers, l-o-n-g blue bugle beads, green ribbon, a cheesecloth strip,  six inches of wool roving, a large brown button and a shisha mirror, white cotton stuffing, variegated brown and pink thread, ½” wide strip of white interfacing fabric….

And, only two rules for the embroidery- follow the theme and the finished width must be 10 inches, length was up to the designer.  There would be no frame.

The special interest design group of the Embroiderers’ Guild of Victoria – the Rapt Threads - gave themselves a challenge last fall.  We were to stitch a design of our own with the theme of “a river runs through”, meaning the river must run from side to side in the design.  And our embroidery must include some of each of the “ingredients” found in the envelope. We each had an envelope with our name on it and each person participating contributed one item to each of the envelopes.

We had a mini work session- out on the lawn one summer afternoon – making silk fusion or silk paper.  Some of us used the silk paper as a background for our design or as a part of the design.  We painted background fabric, dyed cheese cloth, appliqu├ęd bits and pieces, cut up other tidbits and tucked them under tulle or netting for texture, and of course, added stitches by hand and by machine to our creations. 
The pieces were finished and the arrangement of them all was organized so that the river truly did run through the whole collection.  And you will see them hanging at Seminar! 

After the exhibition at Seminar, we will post them on the blog so you can see how each person used the envelope of treasures.

But just to remind you that spring is really coming, soon we hope, to your area, here is a picture of a garden in Victoria – with the Saskatoon bushes just starting to bloom!

Or maybe this field of tulips in bloom will inspire you to stitch your own field of flowers!!


  1. This sounds like it was a fun challenge. I am looking forward to seeing the results at Seminar.

  2. Sounds like fun, and perhaps something other Chapters might consider... I will certainly suggest it to my Chapter members... thanks for sharing

  3. I had an opportunity to see the project at the Seminar Members Exhibition. It was beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with all the people who came to see the show.


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